Avar (Angmar)

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This page is about Avar in Angmar. For Avar in Moria, see Avar (Redhorn Lodes)
Image of Avar
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Level 113
Difficulty Signature
Morale 128,003
Power 16,607
Region Angmar
Area Eastern Malenhad
Settlement Gabilshathûr
Map Ref [3.8S, 26.6W]


Avar is found at Gabilshathûr in Angmar, at the lower level between the two ramps. He tasks adventurers with gathering the tools the orcs are using to construct their siege weapons, while simultaneously destroying said siege weapons.

Avar is also the Task-master for Gabilshathûr, accepting completed tasks for monetary rewards.

Quest Involvement