Assailment Set Bonuses

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Specialization grants +5% Ranged Damage, +... Critical Rating. Gain the skill: Improved Hampering Javelin. Gambit Builders build a stacking ranged damage buff - max of 4.5%. Individual Gambit Bonuses (10% Chance to Apply): Javelin: -5% Fellowship Attack Duration, Fist: +5% Chance to Crit with Ranged Attacks, Shield: +10% Morale return for fellows when they strike the target.

Set Traits Source Notes
Throwing Arm-icon.png Throwing Arm Set: 5+ tree ranks Ranged Damage bonus.
Makeshift Caltrops-icon.png Makeshift Caltrops Set: 10+ tree ranks Improved Hampering Javelin applies AoE Slow.
Focus Fire-icon.png Focus Fire Set: 15+ tree ranks Marked Target and Diminished Target effect bonus.
Fire at Will (Trait)-icon.png Fire at Will Set: 20+ tree ranks Grants Fire at Will skill.
Dodge This! (Trait)-icon.png Dodge This! Set: 25+ tree ranks Grants Dodge This! skill.
Endurance Training-icon.png Endurance Training Set: 30+ tree ranks Assailment attack duration bonus.
Snap Shot-icon.png Snap Shot Set: 35+ tree ranks Gambit Builders can trigger off-cooldown Javelin skills.