Armour Rend

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Temper Armour-icon.png
 Armour Rend
  • Armour Lowered
  • -5 Armour
  • Duration: 10s

Effect Information

Auto-attacks with an axe have a chance to activate this effect on an enemy target.

Armour 3-icon.png
 Armour Rend
  • Armour protection is reducted.
  • -... Armour Value
  • Duration: 30s

Skill Relationship

The skills Cleave-icon.png Cleave and Rend-icon.png Rend will activate this effect on enemy targets if the trait Improved Rend is equipped.

Tactical Information

The Champion Rune Legacy Increased Rend Armour Reduction enhances this effect by increasing the armour reduction by up to 173, for a total maximum of -661 Armour Value.