Ancient Watching-stone

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Three Ancient Watching-stones are found at the most important road for the evil forces out of Angmar. That road runs past Bail Róva and Frith-vailë in Angmar, and through Ost Crithlanc in the North Downs and beyond. Venturing near these statues will apply +5 Dread as well as the Evil Presence effect. Thus fighters are advised to pull combat away from the stones.

Quest Involvement


Statues throughout Middle-earth are not always what they seem. The very stone of some statues hold the trapped spirit of malice within, crafted by the Dark Lord long ago with skilled workmanship and dark ritual. These ominous statues act as sentries and alarms within the realm of Angmar and throughout the lands corrupted by the shadow. Within many of the ruins throughout Eriador and Arnor, in lands once controlled by the darkness of Mordor's reach, these watchers remain, ever-vigilant even after centuries of abandonment. — tFP