Ancient Spirit (Ox)

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Ancient Spirit
Image of Ancient Spirit
Race Maia
Level 65
Difficulty Elite
Morale 41,036
Power 4,656
Region Enedwaith
Location Mournshaws
Map Ref [68.8S, 20.7W]


This Ancient Spirit of an ox is one of the four ancient spirits found in Enedwaith. It is the spirit of Munfaeril. It can be found within the Mournshaws in Enedwaith[68.8S, 20.7W]. You need the corresponding quest to be able to enter the mirror and complete his challenge: to protect it from evil creatures attacking it.

Quest Involvement


"Dark creatures have come to hunt these woods. Even now they threaten to overwhelm us."
"Even this place of dreams is no longer safe. Prepare yourself, mortal."