Aldúlf (Treasure Hunt)

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This page is about the quest giver during Treasure Hunt events. For the Jeweller's Guild Leader in Esteldín, see Aldúlf. For the captive in Torsbury, see Aldúlf (Broadacres)
Image of Aldúlf
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Ered Luin
Area Low Lands
Settlement Treasure Field Base Camp
Map Ref [18.5S, 98.1W]


Aldúlf is, during Treasure Hunt events, found at the Treasure Field Base Camp in Ered Luin.

Quest Involvement


"Hullo, how can I help you?"

What's going on here?
"The great Treasure Hunt, that's what!
"Hunters from across Middle-earth gather here to test their skill in unearthing the finest treasure."
I see.
Where is the Treasure Field?
"The Treasure Field is located up the hill to the north of the Treasure Hunters' Camp."
I see.
How do I excavate treasure?
"Did you not learn anything from Tór Wayseeker? You'll need a Treasure Hunter's Pick if you're to excavate treasure in this unforgiving field."
"In order to excavate treasure you must have a Treasure Hunter's Pick in your inventory."
I see.
How do I use a Dowsing Gem?
"I'm not skilled in the art myself... but it's got something to do with the... Hrmm..."
"Use the dowsing gem by selecting a dig-site and using the Dowsing Gem in your inventory."
I see.
How do I use a Trained Cave-claw?
"Segar has perfected the art of Cave-claw training to the point where we've had nearly no accidents this season!"
"Use a Trained Cave-claw by entering the Treasure Field and using the item in your inventory. The Cave-claw will sniff out the nearby dig-sites and lead you to the best one he discovers."
"Cave-claws are consumed on use."
I see.