The Wold

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Area.png The Wold
Region: East Rohan
Landmark(s): The Stinging Bog
Jóshkhin Orda
Eorl's Hallow
Settlement(s): Langhold
The East Wall
The Fallows
Parth Celebrant
Levels: Mainly 75 - 77
Resource tier: Eastemnet (T8)

The Wold is an area in the north-east of East Rohan.


Rohan’s northernmost border march, the Wold is all but cut off from the capital at Edoras but its men are no less loyal for it. Beset on all sides by enemies, Orcs massing to the west and Easterllings crossing the Anduin to the east, the Rohirrim of the North-march refuse to abandon their watch even when ordered. Should they leave, who then will hold back the tide of their foes?


An expanse of rolling hills covered in tall grasses that wither in the dry earth, the Wold marks the northernmost border march of Rohan.


The men of the North-march are amongst the most rugged, yet unwaveringly faithful Riders. Their leader, Aldor Harding, would give his life to save Rohan from its enemies and believes it is fated for him to do so.

Eorl's Hallow (Memorial of Eorl) documents the events surrounding Eorl the Young's father Léod, and Felaróf, first of Mearas.


  • Level 75-77, mounted and non-mounted combat oriented

Significant amounts of new Game-technology is introduced in this area.

  • Open Tapping
  • Automatic Quest Bestowal (Landscape Quests)
  • Warbands
  • Significant Phasing in Langhold.

Players who follow the message from Gandalf (part of the Eastemnet quest pack and Rohan expansion purchase) will start their exploration of Rohan here.

Quest hubs include Langhold, Harwick, Feldburg, and Floodwend.

Attempting to swim over the waterfall upstream of Floodwend (approximate location [43.5S, 44.7W]) will earn you a Death By Misadventure. It is apparently a nasty waterfall.


The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within The Wold:



  • The Wold - Total: 67; level 75: 1; level 76: 32; level 77: 34

Quests in quest log order

  1. [75] The Tourney Field: Mounted Combat Tutorial - Instance
  2. [76] A Friend in a Sea of Distrust
  3. [76] Aid for the Refugees
  4. [76] Assessing Fang Point
  5. [76] Corrupted Salamanders
  6. [76] Down Payment + instance
  7. [76] Eliminating the Noise-makers
  8. [76] Fire-starter
  9. [76] Five Against the Wold + instance
  10. [76] Leading the Advance
  11. [76] Marsh-reeds
  12. [76] Meet Harding + instance
  13. [76] Mother of the Pack
  14. [76] On Notice!
  15. [76] Prisoners of Olghakhósh
  16. [76] Prowling in the Fields
  17. [76] Pushing Back their Advance
  18. [76] Quench the Flames
  19. [76] Refugees: Foodstuffs of Langhold
  20. [76] Relics from the Dead
  21. [76] Riches Left To Rot
  22. [76] Riding Against Flies
  23. [76] Riding Down Boars
  24. [76] Scouts of the Enemy
  25. [76] Snuff out the Flame
  26. [76] Spreading the Corruption
  27. [76] Swarming the Nests
  28. [76] Tempting Fate
  29. [76] The Reeve of the Wold
  30. [76] The Riders Four + instance
  31. [76] The Stinging Bog
  32. [76] Trimming the Claws
  33. [76] Welcome to Harwick + instance
  34. [76] Winged Pests
  35. [77] A Worksite Overrun
  36. [77] Building the Machines
  37. Cleansing by Fire
  38. [77] Cleansing the Wold of Warg-packs
  39. [77] Delaying the Inevitable
  40. [77] Designs for the Siege
  41. Easterling Horsemen
  42. [77] Feathers of the Flock
  43. [77] Flock of Spies
  44. [77] Flock That Ran Afoul
  45. [77] Floodwend Besieged + instance
  46. [77] Leading Floodwend's Demise
  47. [77] Lords of the Siege
  48. [77] Machines of War
  49. [77] Matron of the Howling Wood
  50. Mounts for Mordor
  51. [77] Onwards to Floodwend
  52. [77] Orchestrating the Siege
  53. [77] Plans of the Assault
  54. [77] Report to North-torr
  55. [77] Report to Twickenburg
  56. [77] Rest for the Unrest
  57. [77] Return to Floodwend
  58. [77] Royal Guard
  59. [77] Source of the Corruption
  60. [77] Stealing from the Enemy
  61. [77] The Many Opinions of Floodwend
  62. The Sorcerer’s Council
  63. [77] To East Wall
  64. [77] To Elthengels
  65. [77] Tower an Inferno
  66. [77] Travellers' Terror
  67. [77] Trophies of the Hunters
  68. [77] War-mongering Slaves
  69. [77] Warding Off the Coming Darkness


Episodic Content


The following creatures are found within this area:


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