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Settlement.png Hytbold
Region: East Rohan
Area: Sutcrofts
Location: [57.6S, 56.3W]
The main square of Hytbold, fully restored.


Hytbold is a settlement located within the Sutcrofts in East Rohan. [57.6S, 56.3W]

Hytbold was recently burned down in an attack by Orcs from the East Wall. Fastred has sent you to lead the effort to rebuild the town.


Hytbold in ruin

The following services can be found within Hytbold as it's rebuilt:



There are numerous deeds associated with the rebuilding of Hytbold.


If you finished every quest in Eastern Rohan while leveling up, you should have already reached the following reputation standings:

Note: The quest [80] Speaking the Truth rewards no reputation, while its alternative [80] Inhild's Wish rewards 900 reputation. It may also be possible to get a little more reputation if you complete the quest [80] Leader of the Nink-hai or its alternative [80] The Prisoner Returns.

This means to reach Kindred standing with every faction, you'll need a total of 144,700 reputation. It will take 25 days to do this, assuming you do five quests for Aiding the Eastemnet each day and don't "waste" any reputation on factions that are already at Kindred standing.

Daily quests in each region can provide reputation and cut the days to Kindred standing down to 12 days:

If you intend to rebuild Hytbold completely, you will have no problem reaching Kindred with every faction by the time you finish. However, another option is to use Item:Small Reputation Acceleration Tome to reach kindred with some factions even before you reach level 84, making many more quests available, so that rebuilding can take a much shorter time.

A note about Token costs to complete the rebuilding quests: Originally, most quests cost 5 or 10 Tokens of Hytbold to complete. All quests now cost 1 token to complete. Since many of the available rebuilding quests are gated by Ally and Kindred reputation with the various factions, there may well be times when no rebuilding quests are available, while you continue to do the daily quests to gain the reputation to unlock them.


Aiding the Eastemnet

All of the following quests are repeatable on a daily basis.

  • To begin, a player must first take the daily "wrapper-quest" [85] Aiding the Eastemnet in Hytbold.
  • This "wrapper-quest" allows completion of any five of the following quests that are available on that day.
  • Each town offers four (five on the first time) of the quests from its pool on any given day, for a total of sixteen quests to choose from.
  • The Quests available on any given day are changed daily at 3am EDT Server Time. However, they are presented RANDOMLY, they are not rotated -- which means that the same quest may be presented multiple times in a row!
  • Beginning with Update 10, players can reset the cooldown on the quest Aiding the Eastemnet at a cost of 5 Mithril Coin (5 Mithril Coins) which can be purchased from the LOTRO Store. However, the cooldowns on the sixteen quests randomly available each day cannot be reset. By repeatedly resetting the cooldown on Aiding the Eastemnet, it is possible for a player to complete as many as 16 quests each day, earning 80 Tokens of Hytbold. To Reset the counter, after completing your 5 quests, for Aiding the Eastemnet return to Rinwald in Hytbold and talk to him again. The reset option will now appear. Note that the Mithril Coin icon will show the Hours and minutes remaining on the Cooldown timer (until 03:00 EST), not the cost.
Harwick - Aiding the Wold Cliving - Aiding the Norcrofts
Eaworth - Aiding the Entwash Vale Snowbourn - Aiding the Sutcrofts

Rebuilding Hytbold

The Tokens of Hytbold acquired from aiding the Eastemnet are in turn used to rebuild parts of the town.

These quests can only be completed once per character.

[85] Welcome to Hytbold
[85] The Mead Hall: Rebuild

The Mead Hall

The Palisade Lighting and Fences
The Stable The Armoury

[85] The Stable: Rebuild

[85] The Armoury: Rebuild

The Smithy The Library

[85] The Smithy: Rebuild

[85] The Library: Rebuild

The Lumber-mill The Townsfolk

[85] The Lumber Mill: Rebuild

The Gates
The West Gate The East Gate

[85] The West Gate: Rebuild

[85] The East Gate: Rebuild

Wold Tents Norcrofts Tents

[85] Wold Tents: Rebuild

[85] Norcrofts Tents: Rebuild

Entwash Vale Tents Sutcrofts Tents

[85] Entwash Vale Tents: Rebuild

[85] Sutcrofts Tents: Rebuild

Tower of the Wold Tower of the Norcrofts

[85] Tower of the Wold: Rebuild

[85] Tower of the Norcrofts: Rebuild

Tower of the Entwash Vale Tower of the Sutcrofts

[85] Tower of the Entwash Vale: Rebuild

[85] Tower of the Sutcrofts: Rebuild

House of the Wold Cottage of the Wold

[85] House of the Wold: Rebuild

[85] Cottage of the Wold: Rebuild

House of the Norcrofts Cottage of the Norcrofts

[85] House of the Norcrofts: Rebuild

[85] Cottage of the Norcrofts: Rebuild

House of the Entwash Vale House of the Sutcrofts

[85] House of the Entwash Vale: Rebuild

[85] House of the Sutcrofts: Rebuild

Farmhouse of the Entwash Vale Farmhouse of the Sutcrofts

[85] Farmhouse of the Entwash Vale: Rebuild

[85] Farmhouse of the Sutcrofts: Rebuild

Once the above quests are complete, and the town is rebuilt, the story of Hytbold culminates in the Witan.

[85] The Witan


Also see: Category:Hytbold NPCs


Many crafting resources are found near the Hytbold Crafting Instances (CI) [57.8S, 55.0W]

  • Expert Scholar - in Study of Hytbold
  • Expert Jeweller - in Study of Hytbold
  • Expert Weaponcrafter - adjacent to Forge
  • Expert Metalsmith - adjacent to Forge
  • Smithy of Hytbold - Blacksmith

Crafting Instances (CI)

When certain quests are completed in Hytbold, they unlock a Crafting Instance (CI) (aka resource instance) in which players can gather crafting materials.

These instances (and their associated quests) are repeatable daily.

  • Forester CI - Imping - Phased in by
  1. The Lumber Mill: Rebuild - Edgal (no rep required)
  2. The Lumber Mill: Superior Workbench - Fréamar (Rep Required: Entwash Ally)

  1. The Smithy: Rebuild - Edgal (no rep required)
  2. The Smithy: Superior Forge - Oseg (Rep Required:Wold Ally)

  1. The Library: Rebuild - Edgal (no rep required)
  2. The Library: Superior Study - Warin (Rep Required:Norcrofts Ally)

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