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About Me

My name is Matt and I live in Arlington, Virginia (outside of DC). I have been playing LOTRO since beta and it's still my favorite game and the one I spend the most time on. I am also quite anal-retentive when it comes to documentation, so I am a natural to help maintain this wiki :)

My Characters

I play the following characters in the Roxxi Manor kinship on Arkenstone:

Name Class Level Profession
Gaerolas (Main) Rune-keeper 105 Tailor
Gaeryon Guardian 105 Tailor
Gaerovyn Captain 105 Weaponsmith
Gaero Minstrel 105 Cook
Gaerlin Hunter 101 Woodworker
Gaeradan Champion 100 Metalsmith
Jengao Minstrel 96 Scholar
Gaeradoc Burglar 75 Jeweller
Gaerlaxle Warden 67 Metalsmith
Gaeragorn Warden 60[1] Tailor
Gaerix Lore-master 52 Scholar
Gaergrim Beorning 10 Weaponsmith
  1. Level capped at 60