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Lord of the Rings Online launched on April 24, 2007.


First Anniversary, 2008

Month-Long Celebration Marks the Return of the $199 LOTRO Lifetime Subscription Plan

April 24, 2008 - Turbine, Inc. announced today a special promotion featuring limited time pricing offers and a series of in-game events to celebrate the first anniversary of The Lord of the Rings Online˙: Shadows of Angmar˙ (LOTRO), the award-winning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. "It's been an incredible year for LOTRO and Turbine" said Jim Crowley, president and CEO of Turbine, Inc. "Winning the 2007 PC Game of the Year, being named 2007 MMO of the Year and the overwhelmingly positive response to the game from fans around the world has been a real validation of our vision*. Our anniversary celebration is a chance for us to take time to gather with our past and present players to enjoy everything that is special about Middle-earth and thank them for their wonderful support with some special in-game events and subscription options."

The month-long celebration of the first anniversary of LOTRO includes:

  • Launch of Book 13: Doom of the Last-king: Turbine's fifth content update to LOTRO delivers the frosty new region of Forochel, a new Monster Player class plus a host of other enhancements that continue to make LOTRO one of the fastest growing games in the world!
  • Welcome Back Celebration: Former subscribers are invited to come back to Middle-earth beginning May 8th for five days of free play! *Experience the new content added since launch that has increased the size of the world by over 30% including new regions, player housing, the outfit system and a myriad of new raids and instances.
  • Save Middle-earth and Win: During the anniversary celebration, monsters throughout Middle-earth will drop rare items when defeated. Players can exchange these rare items for a special gift box that will reward the player with one of a variety of in-game items to aid them on their adventures in Middle-earth.
  • Special Anniversary Pricing: For a limited time, Turbine is offering two new pricing plans for the 2007 PC Game of the Year and the 2007 MMO of the Year! Players can choose to become lifetime subscribers for $199 and never pay a monthly fee again. Players can also choose any multi-month plan (90 days or longer) and lock in a monthly price of $9.99 for as long as they maintain their new subscription plan. **

Second Anniversary, 2009

The Lord of the Rings Online is turning two, and its not just the current players that can celebrate. A number of incentives are being offered to lure former subscribers back into the world of Middle-earth, and emails spreading the word have gone out. There is a "Welcome Back Week" of the kind that we're becoming accustomed to seeing quite often now, starting on the 24th of April and ending on the 30th. This means that past subscribers can jump right back into the game for free during the week. The 25% experience bonus (on top of any rested experience bonus) of the last weekend will also be in effect, for all players.

As well as this, special subscription pricing of US$9.99 a month (for 3-month or longer plans) is available again. Both current and former subscribers are able to take advantage of the promotional pricing, but 1-month plans remain at the usual price. For the last little treat, monsters in-game will be dropping rare loot that can be traded for anniversary gift boxes containing a range of special items.

Third Anniversary, 2010

It's LOTRO's Third Anniversary Celebration! Three years is far too short a time to spend among such excellent and admirable folk as yourselves, and we want to show you how much that time means to us. While the party lasts, Middle-earth will be bursting with gifts. The LOTRO Anniversary Celebration officially kicks off on April 29th!

  • Party with the monsters of Middle-earth. Earn tokens from monsters when you defeat them and turn them in for level appropriate rewards. Available for players of all levels!
  • Special Anniversary Gift! Starting on Anniversary Day and running throughout the celebration, we're giving all current, new and returning subscribers a special gift: the Writ of Virtue. But you have to come to the party to get your gift: make sure to log into the game between Anniversary Day, April 29 and June 30 for this token of our affection.*
  • Win the chance to visit and play with the Codemasters team in our "Anniversary Raid Competition".

We look forward to partying with you in Middle-earth!

Fourth Anniversary, 2011

Another year has passed, which means an anniversary celebration with a multitude of activities and gifts! Whether you are brawling for beer at the Ale Hall, winning a new Steed at the Bree-land and Shire Horse Races, or defeating monsters to find tokens, we have something for every resident of Middle-earth.

  • Double XP Weekend: Our fourth Anniversary celebration is the best time for you to boost up your character! From April 21-24, all players will enjoy Double XP on all Monster Kills!
  • The Battle for Glorious Beer: No celebration would be complete without raising a glass or two. Unfortunately, beer is in short supply at the Ale Hall and patrons are furious! As frustration mounts, customers have begun to take out their aggravation on each other. Prepare for battle as you scramble to get your hands on the liquid gold!
  • Bree-land and Shire Horse Races: Try your luck at the Horse Races in the Shire and Bree-land and win a new Anniversary Steed! Racers who successfully navigate the course will enjoy speed boosts to help them along the way. But be careful! The track is outfitted with obstructions, hurdles, barriers...even MUD!
  • Party with the Monsters of Middle-earth! A multitude of monsters will also be joining the festivities and will drop Anniversary tokens when you defeat them. Players of all levels can exchange these tokens for an Anniversary Gift Box brimming with party favors!

Fifth Anniversary, 2012

Main article: Anniversary Celebration 2012

April 24, 2012, marks the fifth anniversary of the Lord of the Rings Online and as such special events took place from April 16 - May 9. In addition to returning events from previous years such as the Thorin's Hall Beer Brawl and Festival Horse Races, the fifth anniversary introduced several new events most of which centering on the theme of fireworks. Jointly with the celebration, Turbine introduced fifth anniversary gifts to reward players based on their sign-up date and a "Who is the Biggest LOTRO Fan Video Contest?"

Sixth Anniversary, 2013

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April 24, 2013, marks the sixth anniversary of the Lord of the Rings Online and as such special events took place from April 16 - May 6. The sixth anniversary has not added any new events from the previous year's anniversary, but all of the previous events are back like the Battle for Glorious Beer, Festival Horse Races, fireworks shows, and Bree Boar-fountain gift-giving/postman quests. Jointly with the celebration, Turbine has continued giving out anniversary gifts to reward players based on their sign-up date.

Seventh Anniversary, 2014

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April 24, 2014, marks the seventh anniversary of the Lord of the Rings Online and as such special events will take place from April 16 - April 29. Jointly with the celebration, Turbine will continue giving out anniversary gifts to reward players based on their sign-up date.
The 7th Anniversary Festival repeats the events from previous Anniversary Festivals. New are the Steed of Odogil and the rewards from tokens dropped by monsters, which can be traded at Keeper of Gifts.

Special NPCs

Keepers of Gifts are located in major cities for this limited period of time, and they accept these barter tokens in exchange for several different types of gift boxes, depending on the type of token

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Mark-icon.png 20 Marks Steel Token-icon.png Steel Token
Cosmetic Gift Box-icon.png Cosmetic Gift Box Steel Token-icon.png 10 Steel Tokens
Battle Gift Box-icon.png Battle Gift Box Steel Token-icon.png 10 Steel Tokens
Legendary Gift Box-icon.png Legendary Gift Box Steel Token-icon.png 25 Steel Tokens

Special Events

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