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There are two approaches to Rohan:

Both Quest Arcs cross at Langhold and Harwick, where one obtains one's War-steed on completion of the Langhold Quest arc.

The Wold (76-77)

The Langhold Quest Arc (series of quests):

  • It is necessary to complete all the non-optional quests to get one's first War-steed.
  • This quest arc is the same if you begin your exploration of Rohan as a result of a mail message from "G." -- Rohan Awaits, or a mail message from Galadriel: "A Need in Rohan." (Which begins Volume III, Book 7 of the Epic Quest line.)
  • In this quest arc, you will encounter new game technology -- three "Landscape Quests." That is, quests you acquire by virtue of your being in a certain location. A "Quest Action" button pop-up appears on your screen to announce the availability of landscape quests.

  1. [76] The Wold
  2. [76] The Thane of Langhold
  3. [76] A Game of Brigand-bashing
  4. [76] The River Watch Patrol
  5. [76] Reason for Alarm
  6. [76] War Comes to Rohan
  7. [76] Devastation in the North

Once complete, you'll be at the Harwick Stables, where you can take the tutorial on how to use your War-steed.

NPC: Stable Guard (Directs you to Seoca)

NPC: Seoca

Harwick: Harwick Proper

  1. [76] Meet Harding


  1. [76] Aid for the Refugees

Harwick Refugee Camp

  1. [76] Down Payment
  2. [76] Welcome to Harwick
  3. [77] Report to Twickenburg - vector to Twickenburg

The Riders Four

  1. [76] The Riders Four -- Available after completing On Notice!
  2. [76] The Reeve of the Wold
  3. [76] Five Against the Wold
  4. [76] Tempting Fate


  1. [77] Onwards to Floodwend - vector to Floodwend


  1. [77] The Many Opinions of Floodwend
  2. [77] Report to North-torr - vector to North-torr

After visiting the North-torr:

  1. [77] Floodwend Besieged


  1. [77] Return to Floodwend - vector to Floodwend

The East Wall (76-77)

Quest Sequencing - When entering Rohan via Volume 3: Book 7 Chapter 6: A Journey by Boat the Epic quest line interweaves with multiple "local" Quest Hubs. While not necessary to complete any of these "local" quests to follow the Epic line and to move on to obtain one's Warhorse, they do afford experience roughly equal to 1.5 levels if all are completed.

East Wall: Epic Quest line

  1. [75] Volume III, Book 7, Chapter 6: A Journey by Boat
  2. [76] Volume III, Book 7, Chapter 7: Shadow of the Argonath
  3. [76] Volume III, Book 7, Chapter 8: Reading the Signs
  4. [76] Volume III, Book 7, Chapter 9: Three Hunters
  5. [76] Volume III, Book 7, Chapter 10: To the Wold!

"Local" quests in the East Wall by Quest Hub and NPC

NPC: Framric on the bank of the Anduin [49.9S, 47.5W], when following the Epic Quest Line or
NPC: Léomund at the north end of The East Wall [47.2S, 49.8W], when following the vector quest: To East Wall from Floodwend.

Mansig's Encampment (Quest Hub)

Dead Orc Glade (Quest Hub)

The Under-wall (Quest Hub)

Parth Galen (Quest Hub)

Norcrofts (78-80)



  1. [78] Sudden Farewell
  2. [78] A Dangerous Road - vector to Trader's Outpost

The Ancient Tomb:

Trader's Outpost

  1. [78] Trouble to the West - vector to Springview Estate

Springview Estate:

  1. [78] A Game of Hiding
  2. [78] A Savvy Assistant - vector to Caddabrand's Camp

Caddabrand's Camp:

  1. [78] The Arrogant Huntsman
  2. [79] Capital Earnings - vector to Cliving

Treason quest chain

  1. [79] Phial Acts of Deception
  2. [79] Interrogating the Suspects
    • [79] Apprehending Swithorne -- Accepting and completing this quest will not allow you to apprehend Eldora or Wigfugol.
    • [79] Apprehending Eldora -- Accepting and completing this quest will not allow you to apprehend Swithorne or Wigfugol.
    • [79] Apprehending Wigfugol -- Accepting and completing this quest will not allow you to apprehend Swithorne or Eldora.
  3. [79] In Service to Reeve Athelward
  4. [79] Wrath of the Reeve
  5. [79] Daughter Like Father -- Vector to Rohirrim Training Grounds

The Riders Four sequence
Prerequisite(s): Complete In Service to Reeve Athelward.

  1. [79] The Reeve of the Norcrofts
  2. [79] Wary Riders

All that Remains quest chain

  1. [79] Frivolous Disputes
  2. [79] Lost in Love
  3. [78] Defending the Farmstead
  4. [78] Heart or Gold
  5. [79] All that Remains

Upon completion of the rebuilding of Hytbold one of these three quests will be available, originating in Hytbold:
  • [85] Treason Exposed - This quest concludes the story of the murder in Cliving if you chose Eldora as the most likely suspect.
  • [85] Treason Revealed - This quest concludes the story of the murder in Cliving if you chose Wigfugol as the most likely suspect.
  • [85] Treason Uncovered - This quest concludes the story of the murder in Cliving if you chose Swithorne as the most likely suspect.

Abandoned Farmsteads:

Western Cliving Watchtower:

  1. [78] Totems and Banners
  2. [78] Sworn Oaths
  3. [78] Athelward's Judgement

Rohirrim Training Grounds

The Vacant Mill

  1. [79] The Shield-maiden's Training
  2. [79] Desire Above Strength
  3. [79] A Summons Unanswered - vector to Faldham


  1. [80] The Coming Storm
  2. [80] Holding Back the Tide
  3. [80] The Defence of Faldham
  4. [80] To Eaworth - vector to Eaworth

Entwash Vale (79-81)

South-east Aurochs-herd or Southern Aurochs-herd:


  1. [80] Kindness Counts
  2. [80] A Lady's Fears
  3. [80] Facing Fears
  4. [80] Counselling Eaworth
  5. [80] The Best Defence
  6. [80] A Fateful Decision
  7. [81] In Defence of Eaworth
  8. [81] Betrayal
  9. [81] Regrets and Consolation

After finish [80] Betrayal

The Wódfen:



  1. [81] A Tortured Mind

Éomer's Vengeance:

  1. [82] Hope from Thornhope
  2. [82] Smoke and Ashes
  3. [82] A Mysterious Old Man
  4. [82] The Treasure of Rohan
  5. [82] At the Edge of Fangorn - to The Entwash Fishing Camp

The Entwash Fishing Camp:


Eaves of Fangorn (82)

  1. [82] Into Fangorn
  2. [83] A Kindly Rescue - Landscape
  3. [83] Where Light Cannot Shine
  4. [83] Rotting at the Edges
  5. [83] Black-hearted Trees - Landscape
  6. [83] What Grows Within - Landscape
  7. [83] Letting the Light In - Landscape
  8. [83] Missing Friend
  9. [83] Birdwatching
  10. [83] The Source of the Mist
  11. [83] Awake at Long Last
  12. [83] Silent Harvest - Vector to Garsfeld in the Sutcrofts
  1. [82] Strange Passers-by
  2. [82] Tracking Some Hobbits
  3. [82] Scattered Friends
  4. [82] Curiosity Dawns
  5. [82] Lost in Fangorn
  6. [82] Strangled Rest
  7. [82] An Empty Stomach
  8. [82] A Plea to Wake
  9. [82] Near Death
  10. [82] The Pain of Regret
  11. [82] Biting and Burning
  12. [82] A Friend in Fangorn
  13. [82] Kindly Advice
  14. [82] Onwards Into Fangorn
  15. [82] Roots in the Web

Sutcrofts (83-85)



  1. [83] Trouble on the Crofts
  2. [83] A Standard Assault
  3. [83] Eyes Out of the Sky
  4. [83] The Setting Sun
  5. [83] A Croft Too Far
  6. [84] The Caravan to Snowbourn - vector to Snowbourn

An Unusual Migration
This series of quests begins with a Landscape quest as you approach Rook sitting beside the Entwade, due WEST of the Skirmish camp outside Snowbourn. [60.0S, 63.5W]
They can be done at any time.

  1. [84] An Unusual Migration - Landscape
  2. [84] Dead In His Tracks
  3. [85] An Unfair Exchange


  1. [84] A Message for Fastred - vector from Garsfeld
  2. [84] Bracing for Battle
  3. [84] Making An Example
  4. [84] The Survivor
  5. [84] The Tainted Crop
  6. [84] An Unnerving Message
  7. [84] The Reeve's Family
  8. [85] The Father of the Sutcrofts
  9. [84] Striking Eastward -- vector to Walstow


  1. [84] The Refugees of Garsfeld - Available after receiving A Message for Fastred
  2. [83] The Butcher of Snowbourn

The Riders Four

  1. [84] The Reeve of the Sutcrofts - Available after receiving A Message for Fastred
  2. [84] A Thirst for Blood

Continued after Walstow quests:

  1. [84] The Forgotten Son - vector from Walstow
  2. [84] Missing the Mark
  3. [84] Justice Served
  4. [84] Extracting Information
  5. [85] A Warning from Walstow
  6. [85] The Broken Family
  7. [85] The First Assault
  8. [85] On These Stones
  9. [85] Peace on the Crofts
  10. [85] The Reeve Restored


  1. [84] Hope for Walstow - vector from Snowbourn
  2. [84] Thatching a Plan
  3. [84] Foes from All Sides
  4. [84] Cleft In Twain
  5. [84] Wall To Wall
  6. [84] Return To Snowbourn -- vector to Snowbourn

Hytbold (85)

Aiding the Eastemnet

All of the following quests are repeatable on a daily basis.

  • To begin, a player must first take the daily "wrapper-quest" [85] Aiding the Eastemnet in Hytbold.
  • This "wrapper-quest" allows completion of any five of the following quests that are available on that day.
  • Each town offers four (five on the first time) of the quests from its pool on any given day, for a total of sixteen quests to choose from.
  • The Quests available on any given day are changed daily at 3am EDT Server Time. However, they are presented RANDOMLY, they are not rotated -- which means that the same quest may be presented multiple times in a row!
  • Beginning with Update 10, players can reset the cooldown on the quest Aiding the Eastemnet at a cost of 5 Mithril Coin (5 Mithril Coins) which can be purchased from the LOTRO Store. However, the cooldowns on the sixteen quests randomly available each day cannot be reset. By repeatedly resetting the cooldown on Aiding the Eastemnet, it is possible for a player to complete as many as 16 quests each day, earning 80 Tokens of Hytbold. To Reset the counter, after completing your 5 quests, for Aiding the Eastemnet return to Rinwald in Hytbold and talk to him again. The reset option will now appear. Note that the Mithril Coin icon will show the Hours and minutes remaining on the Cooldown timer (until 03:00 EST), not the cost.
  • Currently, all below quests give you 10 Tokens of Hytbold when finish.
Harwick - Aiding the Wold Cliving - Aiding the Norcrofts
Eaworth - Aiding the Entwash Vale Snowbourn - Aiding the Sutcrofts

Rebuilding Hytbold

The Tokens of Hytbold acquired from aiding the Eastemnet are in turn used to rebuild parts of the town. Currently all rebuild quests just need 1 Token of Hytbold.

These quests can only be completed once per character.

[85] Welcome to Hytbold
[85] The Mead Hall: Rebuild

The Mead Hall

The Palisade Lighting and Fences
The Stable The Armoury

[85] The Stable: Rebuild

[85] The Armoury: Rebuild

The Smithy The Library

[85] The Smithy: Rebuild

[85] The Library: Rebuild

The Lumber-mill The Townsfolk

[85] The Lumber Mill: Rebuild

The Gates
The West Gate The East Gate

[85] The West Gate: Rebuild

[85] The East Gate: Rebuild

Wold Tents Norcrofts Tents

[85] Wold Tents: Rebuild

[85] Norcrofts Tents: Rebuild

Entwash Vale Tents Sutcrofts Tents

[85] Entwash Vale Tents: Rebuild

[85] Sutcrofts Tents: Rebuild

Tower of the Wold Tower of the Norcrofts

[85] Tower of the Wold: Rebuild

[85] Tower of the Norcrofts: Rebuild

Tower of the Entwash Vale Tower of the Sutcrofts

[85] Tower of the Entwash Vale: Rebuild

[85] Tower of the Sutcrofts: Rebuild

House of the Wold Cottage of the Wold

[85] House of the Wold: Rebuild

[85] Cottage of the Wold: Rebuild

House of the Norcrofts Cottage of the Norcrofts

[85] House of the Norcrofts: Rebuild

[85] Cottage of the Norcrofts: Rebuild

House of the Entwash Vale House of the Sutcrofts

[85] House of the Entwash Vale: Rebuild

[85] House of the Sutcrofts: Rebuild

Farmhouse of the Entwash Vale Farmhouse of the Sutcrofts

[85] Farmhouse of the Entwash Vale: Rebuild

[85] Farmhouse of the Sutcrofts: Rebuild

Once the above quests are complete, and the town is rebuilt, the story of Hytbold culminates in the Witan.

[85] The Witan