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Middle-earth: Starter Area, Lands, Regions, Areas, Settlements, Landmarks, Maps

Each region of Middle-earth is divided into different sections, or Areas. When entering an area its name always reads in yellow, no other location names are tinted in yellow. Area names always read by large text on the map and under your mini-map, unless being within the borders of a landmark.

Areas generally have settlements, small camp-sites or villages, where you can barter, trade, and find quests. Each area has several landmarks that are specific Points of Interest, whether in relation to the lore of the game or the quests you are attempting.

When an Area and a Settlement are the same, use the Boilerplate:Location Settlements because that is the intuitive resolution from a player's perspective. Manually add the page to the area-category it should pertain to. Add a comment in the initial paragraphs. Always add a comment on the fact to the talk-page of the location.

When an Area and a World Instance are the same, use Template:Infobox Instances because that is the intuitive resolution from a player's perspective. Do not add the page to the area-category, neither is any comment required. Remember that it is just a technicality that Turbine is using the area-concept for world instances, it does not turn instances into areas.
However, should the area cover much land outside the instance it should be handled as an area; see Fornost and Garth Agarwen for examples (those two are in fact areas which contain smaller instances and not world instances in themselves).

For a complete list of areas: click here.

Areas of Eriador





Ered Luin





Gap of Rohan

The Lone-lands

The Misty Mountains

Nan Curunír

The North Downs

The Shire

The Trollshaws

Regions of Eriador
AngmarBree-landDunland (Gap of RohanNan Curunír) • EnedwaithEred LuinEregionEttenmoorsEvendimForochelThe Lone-landsThe Misty MountainsThe North DownsThe ShireThe Trollshaws

Areas of Rhovanion

East Rohan

The Great River





West Rohan

Regions of Rhovanion
East Rohan (Wildermore) • The Great RiverLothlórienMirkwoodMoriaWest Rohan (Entwood) • Vales of Anduin

Areas of Gondor

Central Gondor

Dead Marshes

Eastern Gondor

Far Anórien

Old Anórien

Western Gondor

Regions of Gondor
Central Gondor • (The Dead Marshes) • Eastern GondorOld AnórienWestern GondorFar Anórien

Areas of Mordor

March of the King

The Wastes

The Plateau of Gorgoroth

Regions of Mordor - not the expansion
March of the KingNorth IthilienThe Wastes
Regions of Mordor - The Expansion
Plateau of Gorgoroth
Settlements, Areas and Landmarks of Plateau of Gorgoroth
Settlements: Udûn FootholdRuins of DingarthLûghashAgarnaith Ranger CampMagh Ashtu
Areas: UdûnDor AmarthLhingrisTalath ÚruiAgarnaith
Landmarks: Udûn: MorannonCarach AngrenDurthang
Agarnaith: Lair of the Gloom-lordMokál RukhBhol RûdhViznak's HideoutFaltor GâmKala-gijakSeregost
Dor Armarth: Ered LithuiBarad-dûrThe Abyss of MordathFushaum TumBlozronkSárronkNauronk
Lhingris: Torech UngolKála-murgLugvargNelegrothIath AngosCirith UngolFennas Gost
Talath Úrui: Ledge of TerrorCourt of HorrorStrand of FireAsh WatchLedge of DreadLedge of FearAshronkKrulronkGakhronkZagronk