Yuletide Festival 2007

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Yuletide Festival 2007

It's up to you to save Yuletide this year
By partaking in a series of Quests
So, take off your shoes and run around
To unlock the mysterious festival blues
Just seek out a Hobbit or two
They'll tell you all the same
There's no big feast or fun
Come Yuletide day

Lobelia Sackville-Baggins wants to play Grinch to the Hobbits' Yule-tide celebration.

Somehow she has claimed the official title of Yule-planner and declared only wilty vegetables and an early bedtime for all, instead of an all night, multiple-course banquet meal and never-ending keggers of ale.

It's up to you to find out how she wormed her way into the job and how to save Yule-tide for all the gluttonous, alcoholic, pipe-weed lovin' Hobbits.



Festival Items

Festival Item
Yule-tree - A beautiful snow-covered tree for your yard.



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