Western Bruinen Source

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Areas-icon.png Western Bruinen Source
Region: The Misty Mountains
Landmark(s): Cirith Imladris
Frosthyle Pond
Iskeld's Lookout
Snárskrith Dell
Stonecaller's Circle
Settlement(s): Glóin's Camp
Eastern Bruinen Source
Northern Bruinen Source
High Crag
Rivendell Valley - Trollshaws
Levels: Mainly 40
Resource tier: Artisan
Western Bruinen Source.jpg

Western Bruinen Source is an area within the Misty Mountains in the western region.

Travelers coming from Rivendell Valley in the Trollshaws first set foot in Western Bruinen Source, one of two passages into the Misty Mountains. This area features the lower areas of alpine terrain, with snowy expanses as well as steep, icy mountain sides, but yet groves of spruce and clusters of hardy bushes. Frozen ponds and streams are abundant in the area as well leading to the wide array of wildlife such as bears, lynxes, snow-beasts and snow-lurkers prowling this area for prey and water.

Adventurers often search out the higher and colder Northern Bruinen Source, which has a similar wildlife and also large and vicious worms, roaming hill-men, and the well-known raid instance of Helegrod. To the east is High Crag, a more heavily wooded area with wildlife similar to this area. Finally, to the north-east is a passage at Whitcleft into Eastern Bruinen Source, where high populations of goblins and wargs are found.

Adventurers quickly find their way to Glóin's Camp which serves as the only place of respite for most of the western Misty Mountains. The old dwarf camp provides some minor services, such as a stable-master with few local rides (as well as rides back into Rivendell), mailbox, milestone, a provisioner and healer, several quest givers, and a task board.


Glóin's Camp

The following settlements can be found within this region:


There are several landmarks located around Western Bruinen Source:


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Frosthyle Pond

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Iskeld's Lookout

The following creatures are found within this area:


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Bears in a dirt clearing The border between Western Bruinen Source and North Snow-beasts are a common sight in the area The frozen stream that runs through a portion of the area A small forested valley in southern Western Bruinen Source near the passage from Rivendell