Vigilant Taskmaster

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Vigilant Taskmaster
Vigilant Taskmaster.jpg
Level: 54
Region: Moria
Area: The Great Delving

Type: Normal
Genus: Orc-kind
Species: Orc

Morale: 2,765
Power: 586
Advanced Stats
Alignment: ( Evil )
Combat Effectiveness:
Finesse: Unknown
F.M. Immune: False
Stun/Mez Imm.: False
Root Immune: False
Cry: Average
Song: Fair
Tactical: Fair
Physical: Fair
Common: Average AncientDwarf: Average
Fire: Average Beleriand: Average
Light: Average Westernesse: Average
Shadow: Average Frost: Average
Lightning: Average

Level of Lore-master reporting: ( 59 )  


Vigilant Taskmasters are found inside the quest instance [54] The Training Hall


Enraged-icon.png Aggressive Stance
Offence 1 (buff)-icon.png Bloodied Rage
Healing 2-icon.png Inspirational Stance
Healing 1 (reflect)-icon.png Bloodied Fury
Armour 1 (debuff)-icon.png Winded

Quest Involvement


"Dibs on the legs!"
"Die, maggot!"


Broken Blade-icon.pngCracked Shield-icon.pngDented Armour-icon.pngInfused Garnet-icon.png Aquamarine-icon.pngBroken Dwarf-statue-icon.pngDawn-rose-icon.pngEtching of Moria-icon.pngRelic of Khazad-dûm-icon.pngRune-carved Tablet-icon.pngTattered Khuzdul Parchment-icon.pngRusted Dwarf Tools-icon.png One-handed Mace of the Third Age 1-icon.png Trophy Bow-icon.pngTrophy Axe-icon.png
Possibly Obsolete Items
Smashed Shoulderpad-icon.png