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Proposed wording changes to Legendary Items#legacies

First, about LIs themselves -

Upon the acquisition of a Legendary Item, from any source, you cannot tell much about it. Most of the visible information applies to the Character Class, slot and minimum level of the character necessary to equip the article.

Upon "Identification" by a Forge-master, the Legacies associated with that weapon are revealed, as is its Item Level.


Each item has on it what are called Legacies. These items modify class skills. Each legacy has a tier. Tier 1 is the lowest (and most expensive to level up) and tier 6 is the highest (and least expensive to level up). DPS is it's own legacy and has a max rank of 7. The other legacies can have up to rank 9 depending on the skill it modifies and what tier the legacy is.

Rank is what level the legacy is. The higher the rank, the more powerful it is. All legacies start at rank 1.

Tier is the "quality" of the legacy. The higher the tier (1-6), the cheaper it is to rank up that legacy as opposed to the same legacy at a lower tier. Example: A tier 1 from rank 1 to 2 may cost 15 LP to level up. While that same legacy at tier 4 may only cost 7 LP to rank from 1 to 2.

Each time your weapon or item levels up, you are awarded Legacy Points. These points can be used to rank up a legacy to the next rank. To rank up a legacy, go to the IA Panel and select the legacy you wish to level up and press the "Rank Up" button below the list.

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