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Mordor Expansion Logo
Mordor sigil artist Ted Nasmith

Update 21


  • Notes from the first preview (i.e. the twitch stream):
Character wipe - must re-copy toons
Twitch preview Stream:
Andang YouTube:
  • Level cap increase to 115
  • New Crafting Tier, also level 115 (no increase in Guild)
  • Virtues increase from 19 to 20
  • 64-bit Client:
SSG is actively working on the project, however . . .
The problem with the 64-bit client is the Physics engine and the AI.
(See: 49:02 in the Twitch Stream)
These technologies are NOT owned by Turbein/SSGs. They are modules acquired from other companies and are from 2005 or earlier.
SSG is faced with the necessity of obtaining the OLD code libraries in a 64-bit version or REWRITING much of the effects you see in the game! Neither prospect is trivial.
  • New Concept -- Allegiance - an end-game system - Similar to but different from Reputation. After achieving Master of Mordor you pledge your allegiance to Dwarves/ Elcves/ Men/ Hobbits.
The alliegences are intended to be similar, not requiring "end-game" type decision - which one should I join to maximize xxx.
  • Multiple Gear sets - styles and stats

Pre-order package notes

  • The Housing teleportation item is a decoration that takes anyone with visitation and decoration usage permissions in a house directly to Mordor.
  • The XP accelerator item is an earring of your choice (might, agility, will) with stats that increase along with your level. The item provides a +25% XP gain on monster kills, crafting, and quest completions through level 105. This boost stacks with the Gift of the Hammerhand and other pocket items like the Gift of the Hornburg.[/QUOTE]

Overall Lore goal of Mordor Expansion

  • The Fellowship is no longer the Focus, but "The Black Book of Mordor" -- what happens AFTER the Ring is gone.
  • Exploring the power vacuum left by Sauron - A number of Dark Personages are now rizing in power.
Players must determine who/what is filling that vacuum and prevent it from seaping out into the rest of Middle-earth.
Who/what are left after Sauron and the Nazgul are gone? What is driving the Darkness.

Epic books

Previous: Vol. IV. Book 8 Quests
Update 21: Vol. IV. Book 9 Quests
Update 21 introduces: The Black Book of Mordor: Where the Shadows Lie

Allegiance System

Pledging your sword to one of the races of the Free Peoples as you’re adventuring in and around leading up to Mordor.
We’re talking about the Allegiance system. You can pledge yourself to the Dwarves, or the Hobbits, or the Men or Elves, and then follow each individual storyline.
MMO-C: Now are they exclusives, for example if you pledge your sword to the Dwarves, you can’t go through the story of if you pledge your sword to the Elves or can you go back and do the other one later on?
Ciccolini: I can talk a little bit about the design behind that, if you don’t want to talk about specifics on revealing the secrets. So, originally, we were like ‘okay, you can only choose one’, because that makes sense. But as we went back and forth, we realized that even though we like to encourage alts and like to have players play through the storyline, there are hardcore LotRO players that are just gonna want to be able to play through this, all four of them, on their main character. They just will, because they want their main character to experience everything. But, there’s the issue of, well, if you’ve already pledged yourself to the Elves, the Dwarves might be grumpy about it and vice versa. So, what we’ll probably do is, what we’re planning on is, it’s meant for alts, but if your main character wants to do all four, you can, but for every additional one, it gets harder.

  • This is an End-game play - after you have become a "Master of Mordor"
  • Dwarves: Durin's Folk - Erebor - The Great Hall of Thorin
  • Men of Gondor:
  • Elves:
  • Hobbits:


Light of Eärendil/Shadow Levels

  • Purple Shadow-effect - Intended to show/imply "Land of the Shadow" - less on the path, gets stronger as you move off the path.
Mordor is not going to be friendly - not easy, but not discouragingly difficult.
A purple haze will indicate that you are increasingly encountering the Shadow of Mordor.
Shadow of Mordor-icon.png Shadow of Mordor 
Areas of Shadow can be found in varying intensity throughout Mordor. These areas weaken visitors, but the Light of Eärendil can counteract this darkness.
Your character will see a Shadow and Light Rating under your portrait, which will help you understand the threat posed by the Shadow.
Light of Eärendil !
Shadow Level
Items that grant Light of Eärendil can be found in Mordor.

Crafting and related

Ash of Gorgoroth system:

  • This system allows players to break down unused or unwanted Mordor equipment into Ash of Gorgoroth, which can then be used to purchase new equipment from a vendor. Some items cannot be deconstructed. Each Crafting Profession also has a new recipe to create an item that can be deconstructed.
New activity: using the Flame of Ancalamír-icon.png Flame of Ancalamír to deconstruct certain things into Ash of Enchantment-icon.png Ash of Enchantment -- which are then used as barter items with the High-Enchanger (Elf-Smith) in places like: Erebor - the Great Chamber of Thorin.
Dialog: "Are you shure you want to DESTROY the <item name> to extract <number> Ashes of Gorgoroth?"
The rescipes all require Westemet Master of the Guild status with the appropriate guild, and Doomfold Crafting ability.
Gorgoroth Skarn Deposit

Crafting Instances =

  • Five new resource instances are now available to help crafters acquire the ingredients necessary for Tier 11 crafting.
  • 2 wood (Bhol Rûdh & Kála-murg),
  • 2 scholar (Barad-dûr & Durthang),
  • 1 ore (The Burning Mountain).
To get into the resource instances, go speak to Candur in the Udun Foothold.
He requires:

Crafting ingredients

New Crafting tier - T11 Category: Doomfold Crafting
No new Crafting Guild level
Prospector:  Gorgoroth Skarn Deposit
Chunk of Doomfold Skarn-icon.png Chunk of Doomfold Skarn - From Gorgoroth Skarn Deposits
Doomfold Metal Shaving-icon.png Doomfold Metal Shavings
Quality Doomfold Ingot-icon.png Quality Doomfold Ingot
Doomfold Ingot-icon.png Doomfold Ingot
Chunk of High-grade Doomfold Skarn-icon.png Chunk of High-grade Doomfold Skarn - From Gorgoroth Skarn Deposits (rare)
Bit of Pure Gorgoroth Ore-icon.png Bit of Pure Gorgoroth Ore

Black Adamant-icon.png Black Adamant - From Gorgoroth Skarn Deposits (rare)
Black Adamant Shard-icon.png Black Adamant Shard - From Gorgoroth Skarn Deposits (extremely rare)

Forester:  Gorgoroth Wood
Log of Gorgoroth Wood-icon.png Log of Gorgoroth Wood - From Gorgoroth Wood
Strong Gorgoroth Branch-icon.png Strong Gorgoroth Branch - From Gorgoroth Wood (rare)

Scholar:  Gorgoroth Artifact Chest


See Gorgoroth Deeds for an overview of all deeds under the Gorgoroth tab of the Mordor page of the Deed Log.


Udûn Foothold
The Slaves of Udûn - Quest Arc
General and Landscape Quests
Gearworks Quest Arc
The Search of Captain Lachír - Anglach - Quest Arc
[107] Instance: The Fatal Prize

Black Book of Mordor: Where the Shadows Lie

5 regions

The Plateau of Gorgoroth
Gorgoroth map.jpg
Areas - North to south
!- Udûn - Udun, the entryway that holds great forges, quarries, and parade grounds of Mordor.
LOCATION: Udûn Foothold
Udûn map.jpg

2- Dor Amarth - the rocky plain holding the broken bones of Barad-dur
Dor Amarth map.jpg
3- Lhingris - Spider Valley - west of the Morgai ridge, home to Cirith Ungol.
Lhingris map.jpg
4- Agarnaith - a valley southeast of Barad-dur with a dense, pestilent, and bloody swampland.
Agarnaith map.jpg

5- Talath Úrui - located south of Mount Doom, home to key fortresses, prisons, and military establishments.
Talath Úrui map.jpg
Orodruin map.jpg
Nargroth map.jpg
Sammath Naur map.jpg

Adjacent Regions:

Wastes map.jpg
  • Morgul Vale
Imlad Morgul
  • Nurn

Probably location names


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