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Update 18 - General

18 March notes: -- Update 18 Build 1 is now up on Bullroarer.
It appears to have only 2 areas - very sparsely filled in at the momemt - no stable masters or travel routes
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Far Anórien - the region
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  1. File: Far Anórien map.jpg - Build 1 map
  2. File: Beacon Hills map.jpg - Build 1 map
  3. File: Taur Drúadan map.jpg - Build 1 map
Update Maps and various linked pages

The Beacon Hills

Access route: aldburg to Beaconwatch - river crossing (Mering Stream) not yet open
  • a path from Beacon Hills up to Amon Hen, the Beacon Hills side of the portal is at coordinates 33.4S, 36.9W [33.4S, 36.9W] in Gondor and the Amon Hen side of the portal is at 62.1S, 46.3W in Rhovanion [62.1S, 46.3W]
Settlements and Landmarks of The Beacon Hills
Settlements: None
Landmarks: ErelasMin-RimmonRimmon QuarryOst RimmonCalenhadHalifirienBâr Nadhron

Firien WoodAmon HenThe Falls of RaurosMouths of the Entwash

Taur Drúadan

  • NOTE* Lots of Circumflex and Accent Grave usage in names!

Settlements and Landmarks of Taur Drúadan
Settlements: Drû BhûtaWar-stead of the Rohirrim
Landmarks: Amon DînEilenachNardolNardol QuarryDrû BhûtaLuk KhakátThe Grey Wood

War-stead of the HelmingasWar-stead of the King's MenThéoden's War-steadWar-stead of the EorlingasEastern BlockadeMaudhúl Grak


People - Drúedain - aka Woses
Gnô-buri-Krúg [52.6S, 26.7W]
Ôk-weni-Dhûr [52.8S, 26.7W]
Êkh-burni-Dhûr [52.8S, 26.6W] - Groom
Gnô-maka-Ghûr  [52.8S, 26.6W] - Bride
Khûr-pulo-Skâl [52.8S, 26.7W] - Wood carver
Dhûn-buri-Ghôb [52.9S, 26.8W] - Drum-maker
Ghân-buri-Ghân [53.5S, 27.7W] - Chief
Wêg-pulo-Ghûr [53.0S, 26.5W]
Mân-weni-Mhên [53.2S, 27.9W]


Many old Creatures with new names (and matching deeds) apparently all level 102, possibly higher.


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