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A collection of pointers to editing information I keep trying to find.



W3C Markup Validation

Note that this is HTML/HTML5 validation, not WikiMarkup validation.

External links

Misc Syntax

  • use: {{subst:PAGENAME}} instead of {{PAGENAME}}
  • If "the infobox box" winds up on left -- check the value of "disambigpage" = actual page name. Best to use |disambigpage = {{Subst:PAGENAME}}
  • {{Reward | Item name | amount}}
  • Syntax for color and font size:
  • This: {{Color|orange| done) }} produces this: done)
  • So does this: {{TextColor|done)|orange}} produces this: TextColor|done)|orange
  • <div style="font-size:150%"> <span style="color:red">'''Volume III: Book II: Ride of the Grey Company'''</span> </div>
Volume III: Book II: Ride of the Grey Company
  • <span style="font-size:125%">'''Volume III: Book II: Ride of the Grey Company'''</span>
Volume III: Book II: Ride of the Grey Company

Wiki directives

See User:Magill/Sandbox-stubs

  • {{Delete Page}}
  • #Redirect: [[Correct Name]]
  • {{Move}} {{Move|The Correct Image Name-icon.png}}
  • __NOTOC__ {{Toc-right}} __TOC__
  • {{Stub/Beta | I am (not) Magill!}}
  • {{Stub/Expansion}}
  • {{Stub/Quest}}
  • {{Stub/Construction|[[User_talk:Magill]]}}

Just some examples ... view in EDIT mode...

  • To review "what links here" [ Skills]
  • The unexpected indents here are because of a bug in the Stub template

{{clr}} doesn't fix it.

Neither does <br clear="all"/>

<!-- An example of hidden comments
 This won't be visible except in "edit" mode. -->


Standard signature as used on Preferences page for ~~~~ insertion --

A couple of signatures full of markup from Media-wiki talk pages.

  • — A. di M.  <span style="background:#00ae00;white-space:nowrap;color:black;font:600 1em 'Gentium Book Basic', serif">— A. di M.</span>]]

Assorted talk page boxes and graphics

Some interesting ideas From: Help:Using talk pages


Sometimes it is necessary to display a sentence or paragraph from the article on the talk page so that other editors can easily understand what is being discussed.

An easy way to do this is to use the {{Quotation}} or {{Quote}} templates. Write {{quotation|Quoted passage from the article.}} to produce Template:Quotation

{{Quotation|quoted text| Who said it| Source}}    (Creates the above box.)

{{Quote|quoted text| Who said it| Source, page ___}}    (Indented with no box, make Source in italics.)

{{Quote|quoted text| Source, page __}}    (Indented with no box.)


See: Help:Citation

<ref> check </ref> Reference for one
=== References ===

Boxes – general

Plain box (can also be used in article):

  • Colored box (green – talk page only):

<div class="boilerplate" style="background-color: #efe; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px dotted #aaa;">'''Put copied and pasted quoted text from article here.'''</div>

  • Make a <pre> box wrap text
  • <pre style="white-space: pre-wrap; white-space: -moz-pre-wrap; white-space: -pre-wrap; white-space: -o-pre-wrap; word-wrap: break-word; color:red;">
This long sentence is used to demonstrate text wrapping. This additional sentence makes the text even longer. And so does this additional sentence -- make the text even longer still. Son of bugbear -- I've been looking for how to do this for ages!!!

Talk page graphics:

Note: not implemented on lotro-wiki!

{{done}}  creates  Done

{{ESp|pd}}  creates  Template:ESp

{{ESp|n}}  creates  Template:ESp

{{ESp|?}}  creates  Template:ESp

{{fixed}}  creates  Template:Fixed

{{ESp|q}}  creates  Template:ESp

{{outdent}}  creates a carry-over line to begin discussion at far left.




As best I can see, only these characters require encoding:

sp ! " , ' ; < > ? [ ]
%20 %21 %22 %2c %3a %3b %3c %3e %3f %5b %5d

For example, contrary to documentation, the caret does not need encoding:^

The apostrophe really applies to sequential use, as it gets parsed as wikimarkup:

The pipe automatically gets encoded:

Partial (selective) transcludes

Source Document:
End each such transcludable section with:
Destination document:
<noinclude>, <onlyinclude>, and <includeonly> are tags in the wiki software that let us control what information gets copied. In the case of The Shire, most of the article is between <noinclude> and </noinclude> tags, meaning that all of that information won't get copied into Eriador, just the introductory paragraph.

From Sethladan

noinclude/includeonly/onlyinclude definitions This page contains various notes, both for my own use and in preparation for compiling a more thorough guide to wiki editing on Lotro-Wiki. The information here may or may not make sense to anyone but me! No promises that anything will actually work as written.


  • noinclude: The content is displayed on the original page only but not transcluded to other pages.
  • includeonly: The content is not displayed on the original page, but is transcluded to other pages.
  • onlyinclude: This is the complicated one - if a page contains onlyinclude, then ONLY content within those tags is considered for transclusion (although multiple sets of onlyinclude will all be considered). Content inside onlyinclude will still appear on the main page.

Thus: noinclude and includeonly are mutually exclusive, while onlyinclude limits what can be transcluded.

Places in lotro-wiki I can never remember

MP (Ettenmoors) specific

  • Watch the inconsistent spelling, capitalization and spaces!!!



:: {| class="altRowsMed" style="text-align:right; width:725px;"

:: {|class="sortable altRowsMed centerTable" width="600px"
! scope="col" class="unsortable" | Unsortable

{| class="altRowsMed collapsible collapsed" style="text-align:left; width:500px;" ! style="text-align:left; width=400px;" colspan="2" | [[File:Westfold Tailor Recipe-icon.png]] Westfold Tailor Recipes Tier 7 |-

This is a test table here
followed by this text afterward.
<table style="background-color: #fafeff"><tr><td>This is a test table here</td><td>
<table height=11px><tr><td style="border: 1px solid black; font-size:60%">HELLO WORLD</td></tr></table>
<td>followed by this text afterward.<t/d></tr></table> 
To create a box (table) to outline a quote use:
style="border: 1px solid black;"
  • For boxing quotes use:
:{| style="border: 1px solid black;"
|'''Originally posted by Vyvyanne:'''
| 5 US and 5 EU is correct.

<div style=" display:block; height:150px; overflow:auto; border: 1px dashed gray; padding: 10px 5px 50px 10px;">

To make a box of text, surrounded by a dotted line, with a scroll bar use the html division code above. Don't forget </dev> at the end of the text.

Scrolling table

<div style="width: 75%; height:20em; overflow:auto; border: 1px solid;">
:{| class="altRowsMed" style="text-align:center;"
!  style="width:45px;"  |
!  colspan=3 |Common (Main-hand) Damage
. . . etc . . .


Common (Main-hand) Damage Common (Off-hand) Damage Every 2 seconds for 10 seconds
Level T1 T2 T3 T1 T2 T3 T1 T2 T3
1 6 - 7 NA2 NA3 NA1 NA2 NA3 NA1 NA2 NA3
Auto level to 5
5 16 - 22 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
6 13 - 18 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
7 17 - 23 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
8 23 - 25 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
9 1xx - xxx 2xx - xxx 3xx - xxx 21x - xxx 22x - xxx 23x - xxx 31x - xxx 32x - xxx 33x - xxx


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Tolkien References