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[QUOTE=PKCrichton;6986961]This is a thread just to help us share where all the guides are that we've been making. Note this is not all my own work but the work of multiple beta testers who have all taken a lot of time to gather information to be shared. In this post I'm just gathering it all up.


How Trait Trees Work

The New Trait Window

Trait Tree Guide including Quickbar interactions

Video on Trait Trees

Trait Points And How Do You Get Them


Class Guides Burglars *

Captains *

Champions *

Guardians *

Hunters *

Loremasters *

Minstrels *

Runekeepers *

Wardens *

Epic Battles/Big Battles/Battle For Helm's Deep

Jewelery Set Bonuses - Link disabled for the moment. /forums/showthread.php?529393-Jewelry-Set-Bonuses

Legendary Items

  • There are new Eorolingas Star-Lit Crystals, Crystals of Remembrance, Delving, Empowerment. None of the prices are final at the moment so we can't state those.
  • There are no Level 95 First Ages yet.
  • There are Level 95 2nd ages. The new 2nd age symbol is Flawed Symbol of Celembribor.
  • Level 85+ LIs that are deconstructed at IXP Level 30+ will generate Level 95 Legacy Scrolls.

Legacies information

Legacy List as of Build 6


Crafting Tier 9 reputation costs 90K.

  • The new shard/flake/sigil/crest is an Emerald Shard.
  • The new ore is Low Grade Eorlingas Skarn.
  • The new wood is Walnut Logs.
  • The new hides are Eorlingas Hides.
  • The new scholar material are Eorlingas
  • For Cooks there are new cooking ingredients on vendors. A new tier of Honey and some other ingredients.

Crafting Changes

Helm's Deep Crafted Level 95 Armors Cloaks and Shields

Housing Chest Changes

Mithril Coins

Mithril Coin Traders

Mithril Coin Prices


Understanding Threat Mechanics

Combat Changes for Gear Swapping

Travel Skill Changes

Maps of Helm's Deep/Westemnet/West Rohan

L85 and L95 End Game Changes

Seal Changes

  • If I have missed any of the information guides/posts any of you have made please feel free to comment and I'll try and watch to update the OP.*[/QUOTE]