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Update 12: Helm's Deep Class Update

With Update 12, the basic structure of Skills associated with this class changes. You receive one or two skills at level 1, which you quickly expand to four by level six. At level 6 you receive an "Announcement" that you need to specialize. At this point, the Rune-keeper may pick one of three "Specializations" aka "Builds".

  • Solitary Thunder: Lightning and Storm based attacks - medium-range instantaneous heavy damage.
  • Cleansing Flame: Fire based attacks - long-range damage over time (DOT).
  • Benediction of Peace: Healing skills dominate over damage dealing skills.

At level 7 you receive your first point to invest in your "Trait Tree."

Builds Summarized

Dev Diary description
The Rune-keeper was built to be a good healer and good damage dealer at the same time by swinging from one end to the attunement bar to the other. When we started, we felt it was very important that the swing remain intact. Being able to be a damage dealer and then swing to provide backup healing was our number one priority and so the trees were built in such a way to encourage this play, while making you great at one at the same time.
SOLITAY THUNDER Based on mobility burst damage, Solitary Thunder skills have less range but most are instant-cast. With a chance to boost damage, skill awareness and timing are crucial to high damage output.
Skill Highlight
”Epic Conclusion” can be cast on the move, and unleashes a bolt of lightning that consumes battle attunement to deal even greater damage.
Dev Diary description
Solitary thunder is all about mobility and instant cast single target burst damage. This specialization has less range than its fire counterpart, but relies on unleashing a large amount of damage over a short period of time. Timing the use of their skills with various proc effects helps turn this specialization into a killing machine.
For example, the Solitary Thunder has two proc effects named Thunderous Words and Harsh Debate. These provide the Rune-keeper with tactical mastery and finesse. Deeper in the tree, they can unlock the ability that turns Thunderous Words and Harsh Debate into Closing Remarks, which greatly increases the damage of Epic Conclusion and lowers the cooldown after use. However, Epic Conclusion will consume Closing Remarks on use, creating an interesting choice for the Rune-keeper.
If the Rune-keeper is concerned with the amount of survivability they have, quickly investing into the fire tree will add a potent heal to Self-Motivation. Having it return both power and morale becomes a very powerful panic button at their disposal. Further investment will supplement their damage over time ability for longer fights.
CLEANSING FLAME Capable of long range induction-based attacks, the Cleansing Flame Rune-keeper relies on damage-over-time skills for reliable and sustained damage and can unlock area-of-effect attacks.
Skill Highlight
"Combustion" causes a target to burst alit with flame and instantly damages nearby enemies. Trait upgrades causes Writ of Fire to spread from the attack, burning enemies for extra damage-over-time.
Dev Diary description
Cleansing Flame Rune-keepers rely more on damage over time compared to their lightning counter-parts. Preferring to keep a distance from their enemies, they put as many effects on a target as they can before unleashing a powerful channel on them. Being induction based makes their increased range incredibly important to them.
While Fire is primarily damage over time based, it still has a very powerful Area Effect component for group content. The legendary skill Combustion is a very powerful Area Effect skill, where the Rune-keeper calls down a flaming runestone from above their target, delivering heavy damage as well as area effect damage to any enemy next to them. With the trait Seething Truth, Combustion can also spread Writ of Fire on a target to all those around them. And when combined with Essay of Fire, which removes the induction of your next fire skill, the Rune-keeper can quickly bring down a large group of enemies if need be.
Inductions also mean that choosing to use healing skills can potentially slow down your damage on your target, making survivability tricky. Going into the healing line and grabbing the Rune of Restoration, however, gives you a Runestone to supplement your healing ability. Placing it at your feet or at the feet of a friend will provide much-welcome healing. Going further into that tree can also net you Epic for the Ages, a powerful single target heal.

BENEDICTION OF PEACE Relying on heal-over-time skills over burst heals, Benediction of Peace also provides ways to absorb, re-direct, or mitigate damage their allies might otherwise suffer.
Skill Highlight
The heal-over-time buff "Bombastic Inspiration" ends with a burst heal and can be stacked. Each additional stack increases both heals.
Dev Diary description
The healing Rune-keeper, Benediction of Peace, prefers healing over time and damage reducing abilities like re-directs and bubbles. A new healing skill to the Rune-keeper is named Bombastic Inspiration, which is a stacking Heal over time similar to Writ of Health. However, upon expiration, Bombastic Inspiration heals the target for a large amount of Morale. This expiration heal is increased by the number of stacks on the target.
They also have access to powerful Area Effect heals, making them a very competent group healer. Skills like Rune of Restoration and Rousing Words provide powerful healing over time when combined together. Adding Essay of Exaltation to the mix, which provides more healing over time as well as placing a bubble on your allies. A new addition to the Area Effect arsenal of the healing Rune-keeper is a new Our Fate’s Entwined Runestone. Now place able at range, this stone re-directs 60% of all damage directly to itself for a period of time or until it is destroyed by the damage it absorbs.
Soloing as this line means you will have tons of survivability, but you might want to pick up damage traits from the other lines to speed up your fights. For example, investing into Solitary Thunder will give you immediate access to Ceaseless Argument; a single target instant cast lightning attack. Investing further will even grant you a runestone the Rune-keeper place at range that deals damage and stuns any enemy around it after a few seconds.

General or Core Skills

Every class has what Turbine refers to as 'general' skills. These don't live anywhere in the trees. They are auto granted to you as you level up and are present in every build (specialization) regardless of which tree you go down.

So regardless of what tree you go down (specialization), you will always have those skills (if you've leveled enough to unlock them).

The same is true of all classes. They have a set of 'core' or "general" skills that will always be available in all specializations.

Historical information

Information below here was current prior to Update 12 - Helm's Deep.

== rune stone effects - or lack of ==
Hi Valamar, I just wanted to add here that from reading the forums it seems at one point, the rune stone damage type affected your skills (changed them... before U12), then later was an intermediate period where the damage type of your last spell changed the effects of, for example Armor of the Elements, so it might provide a different buff or mitigation. Now it seems neither of these is true and the damage type of the rune stone has no effect except on auto-attacks. But that can't be totally true because mounted combat takes the damage type of your weapon and that's not auto-attack. I feel like I am missing a dev note or several on this point. Just something to think about and research in my spare time, but wanted to alert you to it also, maybe you already know & I don't need to beat the bushes. Acatlover2 (talk) 20:01, 5 February 2016 (UTC)
See: Item Talk:Rune-keeper -- Attunement Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 17:40, 6 February 2016 (UTC)