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  • Inspired by Lúthien Tinúviel, whose Elven voice beguiled friend and foe alike, the Minstrel strums songs that can support, heal, or damage.

Update 12: Helm's Deep Class Update

With Update 12, the basic structure of Skills associated with this class changes.

Pre-relase image of Hunter Trait Tree - 19 October

Refer to the illustration above for the following discussion.

  • A newly created character, in this example a Hunter, will receive one or two "General" or "Core" skills (explained below) at level 1, which one quickly expands to four by level six.
  • By the time your new character has completed the Introduction, i.e. at level 6, the character receives an "Alert" Alert-icon.png that it needs to "Specialize."
  • When you first examine the Trait Tree Panel above, you will see capsule explanations of each Specialization (aka Build) available.
At this point, the player may pick one of those three "Specializations" or "Builds" to begin customizing their Hunter.
  • Huntsman - A mobil, harassing mid-ranged Hunter.
A mid-ranged mobile harasser who deals sustained damage while free to move. They unload rapid volleys, dealing damage quickly.
  • Bowmaster - A stationary long-ranged Hunter dealing great damage.
A stationary, high-impact line that rains bursts of damage upon the assailant, using a rhythn of generating and consuming Focus to maximize DPS.
  • Trapper of Foes - Uses AoE and CC ranged skills to hinder foes.
Focuses on sustained damage, AoE (Area of Effect), and CC (Crowd Control), controlling the flow of battle while providing buffs for allies to gain leverage on their opponents.
  • Once you pick your Specialization to begin your customized Build, you are immediately granted one or two additional skills; these are detailed on the Initial Trait Screen shown above.
You also will acquire certain bonuses as described on that screen.
Note especially: The Bowmaster Build has what is known as a "proc" - "On Every Harmful Skill". Meaning: Every time the Bowmaster uses an offensive (harmful) skill, they have a chance to "proc" -- there is a 10% chance that one of the three listed bonuses is granted to the character. These have been traditionally associated with Weapons and Armour, but now also appear on Skills.
  • At level 7 you receive your first point to invest in your "Trait Tree."
  • Thereafter, the character accumulates one point at every other level. Trait points are also awarded for completing "class traits".

Changing Builds

  • There are several different mechanics to be aware of regarding "builds".
1- Initially, you can save up to two different builds.
This mechanic allows you to (if you want) make one build for each specialization; or you can have multiple builds of the same specialization, but with different point expenditures in the lines.
Ultimately, it allows a higher level character to create "hybrid" builds where trade-offs are made between maximizing ones primary specialization and investing points in secondary or tertiary items.
  • While the number of points available across each build is very limited in lower levels (nominally a total of only 17 points up to level 41) this mechanic allows one to "try out" each different specialization.
2- Three additional builds can be "unlocked" for Mithril Coins allowing up to a total of 5 builds.
3- Any Build can be "wiped" and re-traited.
3- Changing builds "on the fly:" You can switch between these builds by simply calling up the Trait Screen and clicking on the build you wish. No visit to a Bard is necessary. However, they can not be switched "in combat."

Build options summarized

Dev Diary description:
The Fundamentals:
The Minstrel is one of the more advanced classes in the game. Combat is hinged upon stacking Ballad Buffs to unlock Anthems, using Anthems to enhance Codas, and using Codas to cash out both the latter and former for powerful effects. Mix in a few Cries, Calls, healing skills, and Stances, and you have a very flexible, powerful class with a distinct play style. It may sound like a lot, but the Minstrel is easy to learn. Mastery, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult, but the power you attain by doing so is well worth it.
The Minstrel has three stances which modify several of their skills. Melody is the Minstrel’s neutral stance. A Minstrel in Melody is decent at dishing out both damage and healing, but excels at neither. Resonance is the Minstrel’s healing stance, and opens up their most potent healing abilities. Dissonance is the Minstrel’s DPS stance, and allows the Minstrel access to their fiercest attacks, but prevents them from healing allies.
THE WATCHER OF RESOLVE A healing line that performs powerful buffs, The Watcher of Resolve restores Morale with great frequency and potency.
Skill Highlight
"Legend of Helm Hammerhand" applies a Morale bubble to all nearby allies. If the bubble is broken, no bonus is given, but if the bubble expires without breaking it grants a small fellowship heal.
Dev Diary description:
The Watcher of resolve is the Minstrel’s healing line. It focuses on strong, single-target heals and benefits greatly from stacking Critical Rating. Players who choose this line can expect to gain bonuses to Outgoing Healing, potency of Critical Heals, Induction reduction, and a slew of traits which modify and enhance their Healing skills. The Trait, “Resonant Piercing Cry”, causes Piercing Cry to trigger a fellowship Heal on crit when the Minstrel is in Resonance. The trait, “Follow Up”, gives you an Induction reduction buff any time you crit with a healing skill, letting you fire off heals more quickly. “Inspiring Finish” layers a new build-up and cash-out mechanic to your Ballads and Codas. With this trait active, Ballads have a chance to build a stacking Outgoing Healing buff which doesn’t activate until you fire your Coda. You can always fire the Coda before you reach maximum stacks, but the buff you get for doing so is quite strong.
THE PROTECTOR OF SONG Proactive in guarding their fellows, The Protector of Song casts forth powerful buffs and upgraded Anthems to provide combat versatility.
Skill Highlight
"Inspire Fellows," one of their many buffs, further reduces incoming damage and increases this fellowship heal.
Dev Diary description:
The Protector of Song is the Minstrel’s support line. This specialization shines in group play, giving you the ability to cast powerful buffs to enhance you and your fellows, as well as strong debuffs to hinder your foes. The trait “Exposing Weakness” gives the skill “Echoes of Battle” a Critical Defence debuff. The Trait “Guarding Song of the Hammerhand” ties a Physical and Tactical Mastery buff to the Morale-bubble it normally grants. The Protector of Song’s Legendary skill, “Call to Greatness”, buffs each member of your fellowship based on what class they are. For example, the Captain will gain a Defeat Response and enter a Battle-readied state every few seconds. Hunters will receive a constant drip of extra focus to use. These buffs are far more potent than just a simple stat bonus; they offer transformative enhancements that play on each class’ unique mechanics and roles.
The Warrior-Skald The Warrior-Skald delivers raw and potent damage, can circumvent enemy defences, and employ deadly Minstrel skills more frequently.
Skill Highlight
"Call of Orome" deals significant Light damage and decreases an enemy's Light Mitigation.
Dev Diary description:
The Warrior-Skald is a fearsome damage dealer. Specializing in single-target destruction, the Warrior-skald has access to strong passive bonuses to damage, critical rating, finesse, and cooldown resets for some of your more powerful skills. The Set Bonus “Haste” causes Ballads to reduce the active cooldown of your Cries and Calls every time they are used. The skill “Call of Oromë” can also be found in this tree. This skill deals strong Light damage and decreases the enemy’s resistance to future Light damage. This specialization also has a few traits which improve your defence, making this a desirable line for solo-play.

Class Skills

A list from: Deed log: Class/Race/Epic

Deed Requirement Times Allowed Award if different
Battle-hymn Use Cry of the Valar (250)  ??? per day
Enduring Morale Use Healing Skillss (2,000)  ??? per day
Flow of Harmony Recite any tale (150)  ??? per day
Focused Performance Evade enemy attacks (300)  ??? per day
Harmonious Melody Use Ballads or Codas (1,500)  ??? per day Discordant Melody
Heralds's Hammer Smite enemies with Herald's Strike (700)  ??? per day
Improved Echoes of Battle Use Melody of Battle, Echoes of Battle or Timeless Echoes of Battle (250)  ??? per day
Improved Herald's Strike Use Herald's Strike (250)  ??? per day Heralded Resolve
Life-singer Use your Healing and Motivation Skills (1,000)  ??? per day
Light in the Dark Use Minor Ballad (1,000)  ??? per day
Lyrics of Bravery Use Anthem of Composure (1,000)  ??? per day
Melodies of the Valar Collect 8 pages Rally!
Power of Song Use your healing songs (1,000)  ??? per day
Powerful Voice Use your Cries (300)  ??? per day
Smooth Voice Use Piercing Cry (600)  ??? per day
Strength of Voice Use Anthem of War (500)  ??? per day Absolute Pitch
The Rising Chord Collect 8 pages Symphony of the Hopeful Heart
The Verses of the North Read the book "The Verses of the North Call of War
Unrelenting Land Critical hits with Piercing Cry (100)  ??? per day
Valour's Marches Collect 8 pages Cry of the Wizards
The Path of the Resolve-watcher Complete 3 quests Legendary Spirit
In progress
Graceful Demeanour Use Enlivening Grace or Improved Enlivening Grace (100)  ??? per day
Heralded Saviour Use Song of Aid (400)  ??? per day
Improved Raise the Spirit Use any version of Raise the Spirit (500)  ??? per day
Improved Song of Soothing Use Song of Soothing (350)  ??? per day
Silver Tongue Use Cry of the Chorus (125)  ??? per day
Subtle Movements Use Song of Soothing (300)  ??? per day
The Mines of Moria Complete Epic: Volume II Books 1-6 Master of Tales
Fellowship's Heart complete three lvl 45/50 quests