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Update 12: Helm's Deep Class Update

With Update 12, the basic structure of Skills associated with this class changes.

Pre-relase image of Hunter Trait Tree - 19 October

Refer to the illustration above for the following discussion.

  • A newly created character, in this example a Hunter, will receive one or two "General" or "Core" skills (explained below) at level 1, which one quickly expands to four by level six.
  • By the time your new character has completed the Introduction, i.e. at level 6, the character receives an "Alert" Alert-icon.png that it needs to "Specialize."
  • When you first examine the Trait Tree Panel above, you will see capsule explanations of each Specialization (aka Build) available.
At this point, the player may pick one of those three "Specializations" or "Builds" to begin customizing their Hunter.
  • Huntsman - A mobil, harassing mid-ranged Hunter.
A mid-ranged mobile harasser who deals sustained damage while free to move. They unload rapid volleys, dealing damage quickly.
  • Bowmaster - A stationary long-ranged Hunter dealing great damage.
A stationary, high-impact line that rains bursts of damage upon the assailant, using a rhythn of generating and consuming Focus to maximize DPS.
  • Trapper of Foes - Uses AoE and CC ranged skills to hinder foes.
Focuses on sustained damage, AoE (Area of Effect), and CC (Crowd Control), controlling the flow of battle while providing buffs for allies to gain leverage on their opponents.
  • Once you pick your Specialization to begin your customized Build, you are immediately granted one or two additional skills; these are detailed on the Initial Trait Screen shown above.
You also will acquire certain bonuses as described on that screen.
Note especially: The Bowmaster Build has what is known as a "proc" - "On Every Harmful Skill". Meaning: Every time the Bowmaster uses an offensive (harmful) skill, they have a chance to "proc" -- there is a 10% chance that one of the three listed bonuses is granted to the character. These have been traditionally associated with Weapons and Armour, but now also appear on Skills.
  • At level 7 you receive your first point to invest in your "Trait Tree."
  • Thereafter, the character accumulates one point at every other level. Trait points are also awarded for completing "class traits".

Changing Builds

  • There are several different mechanics to be aware of regarding "builds".
1- Initially, you can save up to two different builds.
This mechanic allows you to (if you want) make one build for each specialization; or you can have multiple builds of the same specialization, but with different point expenditures in the lines.
Ultimately, it allows a higher level character to create "hybrid" builds where trade-offs are made between maximizing ones primary specialization and investing points in secondary or tertiary items.
  • While the number of points available across each build is very limited in lower levels (nominally a total of only 17 points up to level 41) this mechanic allows one to "try out" each different specialization.
2- Three additional builds can be "unlocked" for Mithril Coins allowing up to a total of 5 builds.
3- Any Build can be "wiped" and re-traited.
3- Changing builds "on the fly:" You can switch between these builds by simply calling up the Trait Screen and clicking on the build you wish. No visit to a Bard is necessary. However, they can not be switched "in combat."

Build options summarized

Dev Diary description:
One thing that we wanted to address was the lack of distinct feel between the various lines pre u12. The hunter overall felt like the Bowmaster was the core of the class and venturing into the other lines was being used to supplement it. With the changes, we focused in on what made each line unique and really expanded upon it. Making the Bowmaster the stationary, long ranged damage dealer, the huntsman the mobile-induction harasser, and the Trapper of Foes the utility hunter who primarily uses traps for damage and crowd control.
Bowmaster A stationary but high-impact damage line, the Bowmaster can down an enemy as they're running to attack.
Skill Highlight
The induction skill "Upshot" consumes all Focus to deal massive damage from afar, with damaged boosted by each Focus pip consumed.
Dev Diary description:
The Bowmaster is a stationary, high-impact build that focuses on bursting down targets before they have they can get into melee. The strength of the build comes from being able to pick and hold a position where they can manage their Focus generation/consumption and maximize their procs. Once forced to move this build will find that it needs to re-establish its rotation and rebuild their focus before they can output their peak damage.
Some of the perks to this build are that among the hunter builds, they have the longest range and higher innate ranged damage, giving them the ability to deal significant amount of damage from a safe distance. One drawback is the reliance on induction based attacks and the loss of focus on movement. This however can be somewhat mitigated by investing some points into the Huntsman to get some additional induction reduction and focus generation from Quick Shot.

THE TRAPPER OF FOES Controlling the flow of battle while employing buffs to gain leverage on their opponent, The Trapper of Foes is a potent support and solo line.
Skill Highlight
Deployed at a distance, the "Deadly Decoy" trap taunts enemies before exploding for heavy damage.
Dev Diary description:
The Trapper of Foes functions as a utility build that focuses on sustained damage, AoE, and crowd control. The Trapper comes with the tools necessary for controlling the flow of battle while providing the Hunter and their allies with buffs to gain leverage on their opponent. While the Trapper may not have access to the amount of damage increasing traits the other lines do, the amount of utility provided should make this an attractive support and solo build.
The Trapper has many options of dipping into other trees to help round out their build depending on their needs. For example, they could invest into Bowmaster for some more damage as well as adding a root to Low Cut to lock an enemy in their traps to ensure a trap hits or deals all its damage to them.
Huntsman A mid-range harasser that excels at sustained damage, the Huntsman unleashes volleys of rapid attacks while navigating the battlefield.
Skill Highlight
"Barrage" deals moderate damage even while on the move. Consuming three Focus pips, it can deal a steady stream of shots that each deal greater damage, but also cost more power.
Dev Diary description:
The Huntsman is a mid-ranged mobile harasser who excels at sustained damage, while navigating the battlefield. The strength of this build comes from its ability to stay active and keep one-step ahead of them enemy. While lacking in high impact attacks, the Huntsman unload a volley of attacks in rapid succession.
Being able to shoot on the move is a huge advantage over any enemy. Combine this with no focus loss on movement and the Huntsman more than makes up for its lower range than the Bowmaster. While the huntsman damage may feel less explosive, investment into the Trapper line to allow traps to be placed at range allow this specialization to kite like no other.
Dev Diary description:
Before the revamp, traps felt a little out of place. Not useable in combat, long inductions to place, it felt like a hunter really had to prep before a pull. If this pull was somehow initiated before the hunter was ready, then traps became something they didn’t concern themselves with anymore. Another concern was many mobs the player encountered, became immune to CC, severely limiting the use of traps. When it came time to revamp the trapper line, we wanted to incorporate traps into their rotations and play. Being useable in combat, reducing the induction or removing it in some cases, being able to place them via ground targeted, etc. all seemed to really make traps a lot more fun and engaging to use. Having the trapper get additional debuffs and buffs based off their traps being used on enemies also helped mitigate any perceived loss of importance in group play.

General or Core Skills

  • Every class has what Sapience refers to as 'general' or 'core' skills.
  • These are not found anywhere the trees.
  • They are auto granted to you as you level up and are present in every build (specialization) regardless of which tree you go down.
  • Barbed Arrow
  • Swift Bow
  • Improved Swift Bow
  • Bards Arrow
  • Regardless of what tree (specialization) you go down, your build will always have those skills once you have unlocked them by leveling up or by Deeds.

The same is true of all classes. They have a set of 'core' or "general" skills that will always be available in all specializations.