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  • Attention Editors: Note that this material is all still in a state of flux and that links point to OLD (i.e. Pre-HD) material.
This all needs to be verified and updated AFTER launch; then incorporated into the appropriate pages.

Bard of Rohan

  • With the introduction of Trait Trees, Bards now only sell Instruments and Minstrel supplies.


Rune-keeper Trainer Snowbourn

  • Trainers now apparently sell ALL RK related Recipes (not bound to character) for all trades:

Class Deeds

  • Each General Class Deed (7) and each Meta Deed (8) grant one Trait Point each for a possible maximum total of 15 Trait Points.
Individual components of Meta Deeds grant 5 LOTRO Point  only.
Sub Deeds and Meta deeds are not visible in your Deed Log until one of the appropriate skills is used triggering the Deed.
  • All Meta Deed points are logged in your Deed Log under "Class/Race/Epic," on the "Class tab.
  • The "Mines of Moria" point is logged in your Deed Log under "Class/Race/Epic," on the "EPIC tab.
  • The Lvl 50 Class Quest point is logged in your Quest Log under completed quests, under your class.
  • The Lvl 58 Class Quest point is logged as a Deed in your Deed Log: The Path of the Restoring Rune

Total Trait points

Trait point accumulation for the RK works out as:

  • While leveling: (Level -5)/2 = base points.
Lvl 65 - (65-5) 60/2 = 30 -- Starting with level 7, one point every other level = 30 base points.
Lvl 85 - (85-5) 80/2 = 40 -- Starting with level 7, one point every other level = 40 base points.
Lvl 95 - (95-5) 90/2 = 45 -- Starting with level 7, one point every other level = 45 base points.
  • + 3 points for "Book Deeds" - get 8 pages for each book 1 point per book
  • + 1 point for reading the book from the Iron Garrison Guards
  • + 1 point for "Epic: The Mines of Moria" - Deed shows under Epic Deeds)
  • + 8 additional points for Class Deeds Tiers 1-8;
Each meta deed has 3 sub deeds, which only award Turbine points.
  • + 1 from Level 50 (available at level 45) class quests
This shows in your Quest Log under your Class, not in the Deed Log.
Quest chain: [50] Category: Learned in Letters Quests
  1. [50] Meaning upon Meaning
  2. [50] Deep Secrets of Rune-craft -- completing this quest grants 1 point.
Complete the quest: Prelude to Hope
Complete the quest: Rousing Words
Complete the quest: A Rune of Restoration
20 LOTRO Point 
1 Class Trait Point

At level 95 -- 45+15 = 60

  • + 5 from HD quest lines -- rumored to exist; not verified, no details
  • Therefore Max trait Points appears to be 65.
  • A typical 65 should expect to see:
30 Base points
+3 Book points
+3 Moria points
+8 Meta deeds
+1 Class deed (Level 50 quest)
45 Total points.

Trait Trees

  • Max 7 Trait Tree Slots
  • Slots 3-7 cost 100 Mithril Coin 

Trait Trees

  • Solitary Thunder
  • Cleansing Flame
  • Benediction of Peace

Crafting Notes

  • Eorlingas Skarn
  • WalnuT Branches

Misc Notes

Excerpt from Raven-EU and Eomon in Bullroarer Forum

Note: Players Guide: is a Work in Progress: Understanding your Rune-Keeper


Probably the biggest change in the Rune-Keeper class is how attunement works and affects our skills. In previous updates attunement has been used as a "gating" mechanism where stronger skills have been locked behind higher attunement. Attunement was also used to gate healing skills when attuned for damage and to gate damaging skills while attuned for healing. Some skills also had minor ties to attunement like Scribe's Spark dealing more damage with higher battle attunement, and Mending Verse costing less power to cast with more heal attunement.
With Helm's Deep this is greatly changed!
First off, all damaging skills are available from neutral attunement (or one battle attunement) and all healing skills are available from neutral attunement (or one healing attunement). There are no longer skills that unlock at 3, 6, or 9 attunement.
Second, skills are now divided into "builders" and "consumers". For example, Essence of Storm builds three battle attunement per use (in previous updates it built one attunement). In general, most "builders" contribute between one and three steps of attunement, but a few give more. Consumers on the other hand, use up *all* of your attunement, placing you back at fully neutral. While this may sound harsh it must be noted that consumers have a significant performance scaling from attunement.
Third, each specialization has traits that give all skills from that specialization a significant performance boost depending on your attunement. E.g. Solitary Thunder has a trait (Tale of the Storm) that gives +3% critical magnitude and +1.5% critical hit chance per battle attunement.
In previous updates, playing a Rune-Keeper has been much about rushing to maximum attunement and then staying there until the battle is over. A few dips occur when using utility skills or skills from the opposite side of the attunement bar. With Helm's Deep, Rune-Keepers will instead see a lot more action in the (attunement) bar! This does not mean that the three specializations will play in the same manner. Solitary Thunder will be the specialization where attunement is constantly jumping back to neutral, while Cleansing Flame will be much more like the past where attunement will be at max for the majority of the fights (except in AoE situations). Benediction of Peace will be somewhere in between.


The second biggest change (from a class mechanic point of view) is the complete removal of affinity. Armour of X is now a permanent Armour of Storm. Rune-sign of X is now a permanent Rune-sign of Frost (with a completely new function). Do Not Fall to X has been completely removed (and Essay of Exaltation has had its cooldown greatly reduced to compensate) and the mitigation buff from Fall to X have been folded into other skills (like Writ of Lightning) or traits (like Molten Armour). All-in-all there are simply not enough affinity aware skills left for it to make sense to keep this mechanic.

Ground targeted skills

This is a completely new mechanic that has been added to the game. It allows Rune-Keepers (and other classes as well) to target effects at locations where there currently are no allies or enemies. Activating a ground targeted skill will give you a target indicator that tracks the movement of your mouse pointer. It is important to know that the targeting mechanism (the "aim graphics") which is triggered by clicking/using the skill is not tied to actually casting the skill. Clicking your mouse button will then queue that skill for activation at that location just as hitting a skill icon will queue that skill for casting. It is easy to replace that queued cast with another skill if one is not careful. Some skills come with ground targeting enabled from the start while other skills require trait points to be spent to unlock/enable ground targeting.
Ground targeted skills can be integrated smoothly into any skill rotation but, as always, practice makes perfect. One good advice is to plan ahead when using ground targeted skills; use the induction or attack duration of the currently executing skill to "place" your ground targeted effect. That way your targeted skill will fire off as soon as the previous skill finishes. Using key-binds for the targeted skills is highly recommended!

Reflections on HD Class Changes

These Class changes ARE MASSIVE. It just depends upon your attitude what that really means.
The Trait Tree system makes the acquisition of Skills "very different" compared to LOTRO of the past ... is that good or bad, it depend upon you the player; it IS different.
While the "basic roles" of the classes are "unchanged" -- they are much, much more specific.
It is no longer "as easy" to be a JOAT - Jack of all Trades," especially at lower levels - roles are much more specific, and the ability to be both a DPS engine and a Healer (like a Rune-keeper) is now severely constrained. In many ways it is much more like the origianl LOTRO from 2007 -- each class has a specific role to play, and while all can solo, each class can "sparkle" in a group.
Put another way, "Fellowship" play is once again dominant; where solo-play had been the trend of the game for the past 2 or 3 years (basically since Mirkwood).
  • At Level 6 you get to pick a "Specialty." This "Speciality" will immediately grant you one to three skills related to that Speciality. Each Speciality grants different skills.
  • At level 7 you get you first Trait Point to upgrade your choice of Speciality. You receive a Trait Point for every other level of advancement, and for the completion of certain Deeds.
It takes roughly 3 points (i.e. to level 11) for you to get your next skill.




Weapon Major
Name Min Max
Anthem duration +1 +10
Call of Oromë damage +2% +20%
Healing Skills induction time -1% -10%
Piercing Cry damage +2% +30%
Rally! cooldown -10 -300
Soliloquy of Spirit pulses +1 +14
Target Resist Rating (call to war skills) -1110 -1360
Triumphant Spirit cooldown -5 -120
Weapon Minor
Name Min Max
Call of the Second Age targets +1 +5
Call to Fate critical multiplier +1% +15%
Call to Ioreth cooldown -1 -30
Minor Ballad damage +2% +30%
Perfect Ballad damage +2% +30%
Still As Death cooldown -5 -120
Target Resist Rating (Invocation of Elbereth) -1110 -1360
Book Major
Name Min Max
Anthem of War damage (physical) +2% +10%
Anthem of War damage (tactical) +1% +5%
Bolster Courage healing +1% +10%
Healing and Motivation skills morale healing +1% +10%
Healing Skill Power Cost -1% -10%
Inspire Fellows healing +1% +10%
Raise The Spirit healing +1% +10%
Target Resist Rating (ballads) -3220 -3380
Book Minor
Name Min Max
Anthem of Composure (resistance) +1240 +1304
Anthem of Composure (tactical mitigation) +1304 +1368
Chord of Salvation cooldown -1 -5
Cry of the Chorus cooldown -5 -120
Dissonance Stance Swap Buff +1% +9%
Echoes of Battle resistance rating debuff +1304 +1368
Hammerhand Skills Bubble Magnitude +1% +25%
Target Resist Rating (songs) -1240 -1304


Stone Major
Name Min Max
Battle Attuned Skill power cost -1% -15%
Fire Skill damage +1% +15%
Fury of Storm damage +1% +15%
Healing +1% +6%
Healing Attuned Skill power cost -1% -15%
Healing Over Time +1% +10%
Wrath of Flame damage over time +1% +15%
Stone Minor
Name Min Max
Chill of Winter damage +1% +15%
Chill of Winter debuff duration +1 +10
Distracting Flame cooldown -1 -15
Finesse rating +448 +638
Fury of Storm critical multiplier +2% +30%
Glorious Foreshadowing duration +1 +9
Steady Attuned Skill power cost -1% -15%
Vivid Imagery targets +1 +9
Satchel Major
Name Min Max
Distracting Flame damage +1% +9%
Essence of Flame damage +2% +20%
Prelude to Hope pulses +1 +9
Scribe's Spark damage +2% +20%
Self Motivation cooldown -2 -30
Shocking Words damage +1% +9%
Writ of Fire damage +2% +20%
Writ of Health healing +1% +10%
Satchel Minor
Name Min Max
Ceaseless Argument damage +1% +15%
Chill of Winter damage +1% +10%
Chilling Rhetoric cooldown -1 -10
Do Not Fall This Day cooldown -5 -160
Epic For The Ages healing +1% +10%
Mending Verse healing +1% +10%
Target Resist Rating (Shocking Touch) -915 -1515
Word of Exaltation cooldown -1 -9


Weapon Major
Name Min Max
Fist-Spear Gambit power cost -1% -10%
Gambit Lifetap damage +1% +10%
In The Fray attack duration -1% -10%
Light Skill damage +1% +5%
Marked and Diminished Tgt debuff -0.5% -2.5%
Shield Gambit buff duration +1 +10
Spear Gambit damage +1% +10%
Spear Gambit parry rating +359 +511
Wages of Fear positional damage +1% +10%
Weapon Minor
Name Min Max
Ambush critical multiplier +3% +25%
Boar's Rush critical rating +359 +511
Critical Strike critical multiplier +3% +25%
Hampering Javelin duration +1% +15%
Javelin Skills Max Range +1 +15
Resolution damage +1% +10%
Shield-Spear Gambit power cost -1% -10%
Shield Tactics Tactical Mitigation rating +359 +511
Surety of Death damage over time +1% +10%
Javalin Major
Name Min Max
Fist Gambit buff duration +1 +10
Fist Gambit critical rating +1360 +1520
Fist Gambit evade rating +207 +359
Heal Bonus for Conviction +1% +10%
In Combat Power Regeneration +48.36 +94.8
In The Fray morale regen +102.06 +200.1
Shield Gambit Line healing +1% +15%
Spear-Shield Gambit damage +1% +10%
Javelin Minor
Name Min Max
Adroit Maneuver duration +1 +10
Ambush and Careful Step Induction -0.3 -3
Careful Step duration +3 +30
DC Mitigations Per Target 0.2% 1.8%
Forced March Movement Speed +1% +13%
Javelin Skills Movement Miss Penalty -2% -10%
Shield Gambit Line Healing +1% +15%
Shield Piercer duration +1% +15%
Target Resist rating (Resolution) +264 +416

NOTE: All legacies were discovered using around lvl 70 3rd Age LI's for testing purposes. So keep that in mind when looking at those ratings. Also everything (especially those numbers) are of course subject to change before HD goes live.[/QUOTE]