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[QUOTE=EndlessWalker;6994061]Hi, I seem to have lost my old thread. Here are my notes for the quests that I managed to do since early beta rounds. There is no trouble levelling to 95 and as a VIP you should manage this even before reaching the final Helms Deep quests.

Overall the story line and quests were good and the expansion as a whole does create a sense of journey that concludes in the famous battle at the end. As usual art and visuals was fantastic. Music was a let down as there seemed to be only 2 tracks for landscape questing and no music track change to indicate battle or combat such as earlier zones. And I still don't like the use of music in the instances which don't seem to match the mood of the story within.

        • EDIT**** I just checked out the sound cloud link to the music tracks that will feature in HD and there are 25 in total, so my previous paragraph can be disregarded as obviously not everything will by ready in Beta stage :)

I think there was a lost opportunity to introduce some Big Battles mechanics in the Siege Escalated quest. This could have been a multiple part instance where you raid the besieging camp and take a ballistae and catapult and use it on the enemy camp using the UI panels from the BB as a start/introduction of some sorts.

I am a little dismayed that we will not get the aftermath of the Helms Deep battles and the destruction of Isengard included with this expac. I am guessing it will be hard and possibly take a long time to have some sort of landscape phasing where the fallen Saruman's army litters the fields around Helms Deep and all that. I feel that this would have perfectly capped off a enjoyable expansion.


  • Vol 3. Book 11. Chapter 1: Too Great A Need (at the Entwade) or Nona’s Cave
  • Vol 3. Book 11. Chapter 2: Edoras
  • Vol 3. Book 11. Chapter 3: Theoden. Son of Thengel (instance)
  • Vol 3. Book 11. Chapter 4: Tidings Glad and Sorrowful
  • Vol 3. Book 11. Chapter 5: Chamber of the Worm - 61.2S, 72.5W
  • Vol 3. Book 11. Chapter 6: The Cage - 60.6S, 73.1W
  • Vol 3. Book 11. Chapter 7: Commands of the King (instance)
  • Vol 3. Book 11. Chapter 8: People of Edoras (waggon 60.5S, 73.7W)
  • Vol 3. Book 11. Chapter 9: Seeds of Treachery
  • Vol 3. Book 11. Chapter 10: The King Rides West (instance)
  • Vol 3. Book 12. Chapter 1: Message for Harrowdale.
  • Eowyn: Securing The Wade - Auto Ports to Entwade



  • Securing The Wade
  • In The King’s Wake
  • 1. Tainted Lands: Tainted Legacy
  • 2. Danger In Silence
  • 3. Safety for The Meek
  • Prepared For The Worst
  • In Too Deep
  • Left In Our Care
  • Noises In The Dark
  • No Word From Middlemead

Break in the Chain

  • Unfair Trade
  • Demanding Supply > click in glowy crates (AUTO finishes)
  • A Break in The Chain
  • No Quarter in the Westemnet
  • Unfit for Orcs
  • (click on slain horse) Auto Bestow: Plains of the Evermore
  • To Leoflad’s Side (use horn)
  • No Exceptions

Alas For The Fallen

Taking The Blame
  • Hard Negotiations (AUTO PORTS TO EDORAS) (Instance)
  • Stilling The Wade (Instance)
  • A Summons to Magla

Middlemead - lvl 85-86

  • Ready But Not Willing
  • Matters of Import
  • Eyes in the Field
  • AUTO: Fanning The Flames
  • AUTO: A Show of Force
  • Marked for Death
  • Empty Chairs
  • The Last Thread

Tricks of the Trade

  • Sold out
  • click on Avanc-Jaw Trap: Clearing The Road
  • AUTO: Disarming The Enemy
  • Curious Errands
  • Saddled with the Stock
  • Silence at the Homestead
  • click on glowy haystack: Cutting the Chaff
  • AUTO: unwelcome guests
  • kill ravening warg 56.3S, 72.5W: Quest:Lurking Jaws
  • Not our Future
  • Trading Fates (Instance) AUTO ports to back Edoras
  • The Burden of Underharrow
  • Lady Eowyn’s Charge


  • Edoras: Lady Eowyn’s Charge (instance)
  • Moving A City (must complete all Edoras quests before evacuating)
  • Edoras: Poetry of Despair

The Melancholy Minstrel

  • Edoras: Abandoning The Land
  • Edoras: Wayfarer’s Bread (Auto finishes)
  • Edoras: Unhappy Burden
  • Edoras: The Missing Child

Edoras: A Beloved Pet Edoras: Waggon Repairs

  • Edoras: The Last Cast
      • secret fishing quest?: Old River King (turn in to Dudrad)
  • Britred gives: Edoras: Two Brothers
  • Sigun gives: Edoras: A House in Disrepair
  • AUTO Bestow: Edoras: The Last Musings of A Father
  • Edoras: The Lockbox
  • Leodferth gives: Did not get a quest BUGGED?
  • Edoras: A Last Look Around
  • Edoras: A Royal Mess
  • Edoras : A Woven Tale
  •  :* Edoras: A Dreary Prospect
  • Edoras: In Need of Cheering Up (instance)
  • The Road to Dunharrow (instance)
  • Word from Edoras: takes you to Aldburg


  • Vol 3. Book 12. Chapter 1: Message For Harrowdale
  • Vol 3. Book 12. Too Near Dunharrow
  • The Burdens of Underharrow
  • The Fiddle and the Drum (instance)
  • Shelter in Harrowdale
  • Bravery Beyond Her Years
  • Spirits of the Harrowdale
  • Assembling The Warriors
  • Watchers of the Road
  • Haunting The Dead
  • From Shelter to Shelter
  • ORC CAVE QUESTS: Splitting Skulls
  • Kept by The Dead
  • Blown on an ill Wind
  • In Death’s Shadow
  • Master of the Dead Folk
  • Word from the Harrowdale


  • Do now: Word From Edoras

Assessing The Damage Double The Damage

  • Vol 3. Book 12. In Eomer’s Absence
  • Vol 3. Book 12. Chapter 4: The Missing
  • The History of Aldburg
  • Forging Ahead:*

Left For Dead

  • Missing Delivery
  • The Stalking Squawk
  • Restoring Glory (after completing the History of Aldburg)
  • Aldburg Convenes (instance)
  • Dire Threat
  • The Once And Future King-Slayer

AUTO BESTOW: The Giant Boar

  • Message of Warning

Finishing The Task

  • Quick The Crops!
  • Proving His Point (AUTO once you kill an invading Orc)
  • Scouting The Enemy
  • A Decision Must Be Made
  • On The Attack
  • AUTO BESTOW: Eliminating One Threat
  • Patrolling The Fenmarch


  • Patrolling The Fenmarch
  • Save The Lumberyard
  • AUTO: Cutting down the Orcs
  • Extinguishing Fear
  • Free The Workers
  • Into The Marsh
  • The Dreaded Day
  • Looking For Evidence

Following A Lead

  • The Royal Banner
  • Lillies For Lilly
  • Fowl Proceeding
  • Ring In A Haystack
  • *Missing Locket (*do these two together)
  • *Following A Lead
  • The Search For Meregyth
  • A History Of Bones
  • The Hidden Threat
  • AUTO: Burning The Supplies
  • AUTO: Top Of The Chain
  • A Beacon of Hope


  • A Beacon of Hope
  • Under The Watchful Eye
  • The Legend of Folca (SESSION PLAY)
  • Shedding New Light

Breaking The Back of The Boar Tribe

  • Call of The Beacon

A convincing Argument

  • The Little Things
  • AUTO: Cleansing the Cave
  • Weakening The Influence
  • Sorrow Subsides
  • All Roads Lead Back to Aldburg

Edoras: part II

  • (91) Volume 3. Book 12. Chapter 5: Eyes of Edoras (instance)
  • (91) Volume 3. Book 12. Chapter 6: Through The Net
  • (91) To The Broadacres (from mounted scout) got this while level 89


Stoke and Oserley

  • To The Broadacres: See Gandalf in Edoras (91)
  • Securing Stoke
  • (91) Volume 3. Book 12. Chapter 6: Through The Net
  • (91) Volume 3. Book 12. Chapter 7: Burning Secrets
  • Serving The Summons Part 1
  • Pilfered goods
  • Hired Ruffians?
  • AUTO: Field of Thieves
  • A Traitor in the midst?
  • Servants of Saruman
  • AUTO: Dispatching A Nuisance
  • AUTO: Finger of the White Hands
  • The Lady’s Protector
  • The Lady’s Sorrow
  • The Lady’s Champion (instance)
  • The Lady’s Gratitude
  • Filth and Corruption
  • AUTO: Purging the Corruption (46.7S, 66.3W)
  • defeat marsh crow: The Madness Spreads
  • A Threat Ended
  • Serving The Summons. Part II
  • The Lady’s Favour


  • Enemies Abound
  • Stop the Motion
  • AUTO: Huorns In The Shadows
  • Black Hearts
  • By Bough and Twig
  • Darkness No More
  • Monsters or Madness?
  • AUTO: Half-breed Cavalry
  • AUTO: Warg Riders in the Acres
  • AUTO: Goblin Badge
  • Turning In The Report
  • Testing Their Strength
  • AUTO: Burning The Barricades
  • AUTO: Freeing The Folk
  • AUTO: Crippling The Hand
  • Courage of Torsbury
  • Forth The Toringas (instance)
  • Forth The Judgement
  • Torsbury Defeated
  • Torsbury Delayed


  • The Acres Aflame
  • AUTO: Fires of Isengard
  • Wild Men of The West
  • War is Coming
  • Preparing for the Worst
  • Stocking For The Worst
  • Wolves of Isengard
  • Tracking The Invaders
  • Stocking for the Siege
  • Ordlac’s Advice
  • The Council of Stoke
  • The Council of Stoke (Instance)
  • Bringing Comfort
  • Gifts for the Children
  • Ride Against The Goblins (Instance)
  • Brigands in the Wild
  • The Wild Captain
  • Assault on Bardh-Doram (Instance)
  • Celebration of Victory (Instance)
  • Shield-maiden of Rohan (Instance)
  • Wards of Oserley
  • A Spy Among Us
  • Ride for Vengeance
  • A Riding In Need
  • The Broadacres Betrayed (Instance)

STONEDEANS (forgotten where this starts)

  • (92) from mounted scout: To The Stonedeans:* (small camp 46.5S, 76.3W)
  • A little more for the road
  • An unbearable road
  • AUTO: Strangbera
  • Onward to Woodhurst


  • Investigation of the Mead Hall
  • AUTO: Victims of the Attack
  • The Council of Herubrand (instance)
  • (92) Volume 3. Book 12. Chapter 8. Hill Tribes and Horse-Lords
  • Changing of the Guard
  • The Former Guards
  • Rampant Anger
  • Gifemund the mine owner
Offer of protection
  • A lack of support
  • Elda steps aside

:* (92) Volume 3. Book 12. Chapter 9: The Soothsayer (instance)

  • Working The Mine
  • Hildegard and the fate of Woodhurst
  • The Ultimatum to Guard-Captain Thurferth
  • Liberating Woodhurst
  • Aid for the Brockbridge

:* (93) Volume 3. Book 12. Chapter 10: Rumours of Battle


  • Thane Leoferth of Brockbridge
  • Hungry Defenders
  • Dulled by Wear and Tear
  • Messenger of The Brockenbridge Siege
  • Nagas, Overseer of The Brockenbridge Siege
  • kill a dun lending to get: The Enemies’ loss is our Gain
  • AUTO: Rain of Arrows from the Brockenbridge Siege
  • Siege Escalated (Instance)
  • Survivor at Flodgeheld
  • Unmeasured Malice
  • AUTO: Sentries of Madh-fushaum
  • AUTO: Eyes and Ears of :* Madh-fushaum
  • AUTO: Ballistae of :* Madh-fushaum
  • AUTO: Food-stores in :* Madh-fushaum
  • AUTO: The White-hand Army in :* Madh-fushaum
  • AUTO: The Captains of :* Madh-fushaum
  • AUTO: Siege Breakers of :* Madh-fushaum
  • AUTO: A Grim Encounter
  • Follow The Trail
  • Farm-fields of Woodhurst
  • Invitation for a Drink (instance)
  • Persuading Aid From Gapholt


  • Tied Hands
  • A Long Journey for Steeds
  • Preparing for Departure
  • The Long Road to Woodhurst
  • The Labourers of Mate Isernore
  • The Enemy has taken Mate Isernore
  • Stolen is as Good as New
  • Reinforcements for Woodhurst
  • Woodhurst has Fallen (Instance)

Helms Deep and Marton (93-95)

  • (93) To The Westfold
  • The Westfold: To The King’s Aid
  • The Last Great Stronghold (Instance)
  • Helm’s gate: Too Young. Too Old
  • Hem’s Gate: Dwarf-expertise
  •  :* Hem’s Gate: Keen eye of an archer
  • The Scattered Lords of The Westfold
  • Searching for Erkenbrand
  • AUTO: Marton: Favoured Steeds
  • AUTO: Farmlands: Fires in the Fields
  • kill a farmland raider: Marton Farmlands: The Enemy Patrol
  • AUTO: Marton Farmlands: Unsightly Haystacks (destroy orc banners)
  • kill Isengard Invader: Marton: Fallen to Orcs
  • AUTO: Challenge: Marton’s New Thane
  • AUTO: Marton: Hindered Escape
  • A Reluctant Young Leader (Instance)
  • The First Decisions of a New Thane
  • Agelwyn’s First Command
  • AUTO: The Westward Path
  • kill a Shatorthum Brute: Challenge: Warrior-Trolls
  • kill a Shartorthum Puller: Beast of Burden
  • AUTO: On The Warmth
  • AUTO: The Eastward Path
  • AUTO: Roving Murderers Afield
  • AUTO: Following the Rivulet
  • Making Ready to Flee
  • The Journey to Helm’s Deep (Instance)
  • Now to Grimslade, Grimbold’s Home


A Stony Welcome

  • Faster Than a Flash
  • Faster Than a Flash II
  • Faster Than a Flash III
  • Faster Than a Flash IV ….lol
  • Last Minute Arrows
  • Last Minute Hunting
  • Last Minute Gathering
  • Grimbold’s Doting Mother
  • kill Scouting Half-Orc: Prowling Scouts
  • Hildith’s Council (Instance)
  • A Dangerous Mission
  • Hunbrit: Wanted for Quuestioning
  • Hunbrit: A Sudden Uprising of Half-Orcs
  • Winmar: Wargs In The Westfold
  • Winmar: An Expansive Graveyard
  • Ordgar: The Slain Scout
  • Survivors From The Fords (Session Play)
  • Unexpected Compliance
  • Grimslade Will Burn (Instance)
  • The Shattered Lord
  • Wild Men at the Fords
  • AUTO: Hostages and Heroes
  • AUTO: Challenge: The Uruk Warleader
  • AUTO: Masters of the Ford
  • kill an Uruk-hai: A message to the White Hand
  • kill a looter: Looters and Defilers
  • AUTO: Soldiers of the Second Battle
  • The Mustering (Instance)
  • To Helm’s Deep

HELMS DEEP (94-95)

Resume Epics here:

  • Volume 3. Book 13. Chapter 1: The Lay of The Land
  • Volume 3. Book 13. Chapter 2: Final Preparations
  • Volume 3. Book 13. Chapter 3: Night Deepens
  • Volume 3. Book 13. Chapter 4: Helm’s Dike
  • Volume 3. Book 13. Chapter 5: A Need For Words
  • Volume 3. Book 13. Chapter 6: Atop The Wall
  • Volume 3. Book 13. Chapter 7: Defending The Deep
  • Volume 3. Book 13. Chapter 8: Secret Ways
  • Volume 3. Book 13. Chapter 9: Glittering Caves
  • Volume 3. Book 13. Chapter 10: Dawn Comes
  • Epic Battles: Basic Training

Let's take back the Hornburg (last quest?)