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Originally Posted by ParrotGuy  
1. who is aldsten, the guy nurzum was searching for?
Aldstan is the Thane of Byre Tor, who was wounded by orcs, but managed to escape the city with some refugees other than Nona's. Nurzum was explicitly ordered by Saruman to kill all Thanes of Wildermore and all members of Garwig's family EXCEPT Garwig to torment and utterly break the old man. Nurzum's attack led to Aldstan being wounded and later actually dying, but because Nurzum did not see it, he continued to search for him.
wachkussen: Aldstan is the thane of byre tor. You do meet him, hiding out with some survivors in a cave, during the landscape quest.
Originally Posted by ParrotGuy  
2. the grey company looked extremly scattered- saerden leaving them and going noeth, radanir probably returning, radanir, halros and probably the main force in the rohirm scout camp (now not rohirim), goldir and curonir in tal methadres, celengland and his friend in endewait... aren't they going to aragorn?
Two factors: the timeline is by now very tight, with many major events happening every single day of calendar. Second, some characters other than ours apparently have access to Swift Travel, it's the only way to explain some events of the Epic.
Most importantly, our Rangers got to the place a little too fast. They meet Aragorn at the Fords of Isen on March 6, the night Peregrin looked into Palantir, which actually happened on the Hill of Dol Baran. But by now, our Rangers already are a stone's throw from the Ford: we've already been there, Daervunn was last seen there, Dagoras went right past it and into Ring of Isengard itself and the rest are also not far away at all. At this point, we're on March 1: Eomer is imprisoned in Edoras and Aragorn and Gandalf are still on the way from Fangorn to Edoras. The Rangers are already almost where they're supposed to be, they need to pass the time somehow.
wachkussen: The scattering is basically to deal with the 'many worries' outlined in interlude one. One ranger per worry, roughly speaking, although it turns out lheu Brenin has done a bunk, so he will have to be caught up with... later.
Originally Posted by ParrotGuy  
3. was the huge cave claw golodir killed the creature the huntsman told celengland to free?
wachkussen: Probably. It is the 'shaking of the earth' worry getting dealt with.
I am not certain of this myself. I think the writers have confirmed that the creature is alluded to in one the Books in Library in Zudrugund in Book 3, I haveb't double-checked yet.
Originally Posted by ParrotGuy  
4. one of the women spirits in the huntsman's place had name that looked like the water spirit girlfriend of celengland back at evendim. was it she?
No, I explicitly checked and Gwindeth wasn't there. Those spirits are of the same nature than Gwindeth, and also Goldberry (Bombadil's wife), Willowsong (near Staddle), Naruhel (Red-Maid of Garth Agarwen) and Spirits of the Limlight Gorge. The 4 spirits from the court of the Huntsman appeared in landscape quests in Mournshaws of Enedwaith, Munfaeriel also appeared in a quest in Carreglyn in Dunland.
wachkussen: No. the water spirit girlfriend is gwindeth. her name does appear as one of her boyfriends abilities. The spirit in the huntsmans lair IS the same one that is first met in Enedwaith, however.
Originally Posted by ParrotGuy  
5. did someone catch Saruman's last words in the Lothrandir intrelude? i got loged out too quickly to see it.
wachkussen:Can't remember, but it basically amounts to 'so be it' upon Lothrandir's evident refusal to submit.
I swear I've seen it posted on forums, but cannot find them now. Perharps someone else can help.
Originally Posted by ParrotGuy  
6. will the nuzrum story continue? i didn't saw him get killed, and i dobut hurons will be enough, the ent need to help too. i want to see his body.
Nurzum's story is finished in the landscape quests. He is a product of Saruman's experiment: a Stone Giant (made from real stone, such as Iorbar's Peak instance) fused with both a Morgoth's relic from Thangorodrim and remains of an ancient Huorn. It was Huorn's death that angered Ents and other Huorns enough to act. The significance is that the fight against Huorns awoke the part of the tree that was still alive and later in the battle against you, Reeve Garwig and Cyneberg, you used another trick to awoke that memory and Huorn's remains gave way, resulting in the relic falling down from Nurzum's back. Without the relic he became vulnerable and was defeated, but the relic sank into the lake in the middle of Wildermore, so the cold weather stays.
wachkussen: You confront Nuzrum at the end of the landscape quest. The npcs with you take him on whilst you clear his adds. He ends up entombed, rather than completely totalled, which may be why the winter lingers on afterwards.
Originally Posted by ParrotGuy  
7. will the intreludes continue? it looks extremly in complete to me. what with saerdan, lothrandir and the others too?
There is obviously more to come in the future, it has already been confirmed.
wachkussen: Well, at some point, I expect lheu Brenin to get his comeuppance, if nothing else.

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