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RoR Pre-order "stuff"

An attempt to capture ALL the relevant categories as the quests and things are spread all over the place and completely unlinked.

Press Release / Overview pages



Discovering the Descendant

These quests count for the Horsing Around and Discovering the Descendant deeds.

Building Trust

  1. [5] Earning Trust
  2. [5] Worse for Wear
  3. [5] Proof of Trust
See also Discovering the Descendant Quests.

Normal Quests - One of these repeatable quests is offered randomly each day

Session Play Quests - One of these repeatable quests is offered randomly each day

On completing of the Discovering the Descendant deed:


Warhorse Skills:

Buff Skills
Galloping Flight-icon.png Galloping Flight
Free to Trot-icon.png Free to Trot
Melee Skills
Rearing Stomp-icon.png Rearing Stomp
Back Kick-icon.png Back Kick
After extensive testing, these experimental efforts were determined to not be practical for general use and therefore were never made available in Mounted Combat in the final release of Riders of Rohan, but continue to be available in the Session Plays.


Wiki design considerations

A bunch of arbitrary ideas based on things as they are "leaked"


New Major category probably under Riders of Rohan as well as the top level Category:lord of the Rings Online i.e. equivalent to Category:Monster Play


Much speculation based on maps available and press releases Region likely to be called Eastemnet



In recent days, the region of the East Wall has become overrun with Orcs and Uruks, far more than one would expect in such a remote area. Rohirrim from the Wold have arrived to deal with the incursion but have found evidence of a great battle in a glade not far from the ancient seat of seeing, Amon Hen.


The East Wall region is dominated by rugged, stony hills and bony forests. Along its eastern edge flows the river Anduin on its way to the lake of Nen Hithoel and the thunderous Falls of Rauros. To either side of the falls, one may find the twin peaks of Amon Lhaw and Amon Hen and their ancient ruins, all but forgotten.


Along the northern edge of East Wall, where the Great River flows south, stand the great Argonath marking the once-northern border of Gondor. The great statues were carved in the likenesses of the brothers Isildur and Anárion, the first kings of Gondor.


Most are clearly in the Epic line, may be in The Wold Area

The Wold

Rohan’s northernmost border march, the Wold is all but cut off from the capital at Edoras but its men are no less loyal for it. Beset on all sides by enemies, Orcs massing to the west and Easterlings crossing the Anduin to the east, the Rohirrim of the North-march refuse to abandon their watch even when ordered. Should they leave, who then will hold back the tide of their foes?


An expanse of rolling hills covered in tall grasses that wither in the dry earth, the Wold marks the northernmost border march of Rohan.


The men of the North-march are amongst the most rugged, yet unwaveringly faithful Riders. Their leader, Aldor Harding, would give his life to save Rohan from its enemies and believes it is fated for him to do so.



Travel to the Norcrofts, where the idyllic rolling plains disguise a land in turmoil. Uruk-hai from Isengard and Orcs from Mordor raid the grazing lands, burning and pillaging as they go. Rohirrim from the village of Cliving strive to keep their lands safe but the brutal raiders have proven themselves eerily elusive.


The green plains of the Norcrofts are the grassy, expansive heart of Rohan. Its tall grasses ripple and swell in the wind like a great, green sea.


The prime grazing lands of Rohan, the Norcrofts were once frequented by the mearas but they seem to have vanished of late. The people believe that these noble horses will return during a time of great need.



Even the quiet farmlands of the Sutcrofts are not beyond the reach of the enemy. The current lord, Fastred, came to power when an orkish arrow felled his father. Despite having been ordered to withdraw from his lands by Éomer, he refuses to leave his lands until it has been purged of all Orc-kind.


Underground streams keep the fields of the Sucrofts rich and green. Its dark, soft soil gives rise to growths of wildflowers and stands of maple and elm amongst the rolling grasses.


Though the Sutcrofts is the region least affected by recent invasions, it has a long history of orkish troubles. Éomund, father of Éomer, was slain in an Orkish ambush in the Sutcrofts near the East Wall.



Entwash Vale

Already a thinly-populated area, the strongholds of the Entwash Vale are now only guarded by a few Rohirrim as the residents flee west at Éomer’s command. Orcs have taken advantage of the weakened defences, burning huts and preparing for the eventual sieges of the region’s two keeps: Thornhope and Eaworth.


The most diverse landscape in all of the eastern plains, the Entwash Vale ranges from stony knolls in the north to thick, reed-filled marshes in the south.


As the vale abuts the Forest of Fangorn, the people who live here have a strong tradition of tales about wood-giants though no living man can claim to have seen one.



Eaves of Fangorn

The dark, forboding Fangorn Forest has long been a place where only the mad might tread. But in desperate times, one must look for allies in the most unlikely places. The memories and ancient strength sleeping in the dark forest could turn the tide in the battles to come.


Fangorn Forest is a dark, shadowed forest with thick boughs which all but block the sunlight above. The trees stand silent, covered in trailing beards of lichen and moss, bearing ragged dead leaves that will not fall. Its eaves, where the trees are sparser, are still dangerous but a careful adventurer may walk there at their own risk.


Fangorn Forest is one of the last remaining ancient forests which once covered Middle-earth. It is cousin both to Mirkwood and to the Old Forest in Bree-land. Though the Rohirrim call it the Entwood, no man living believes the Ents to be anything more than myth.



Major (based on dot size)



Warbands are elite groups of mounted enemies that roam the plains of Rohan on foul errands. Those enemies drafted for Warband duty are some of the deadliest riders found on the plains. While their appearance may be rarer in occurrence, they are feared above most as the bands themselves travel in greater numbers and boast great strength.

Unlike other foes, Warbands travel over large distances and can quickly overcome the unwary adventurer. Often times, a Warband will be better dealt with by riding alongside your allies as you charge into battle.

  • New “open tapping" combat rules also ensure that more than one player can get credit and experience for defeating enemies in mounted combat, even when ungrouped, which encourages cooperation towards common goals.

Warband Types and Tactics


  • The cavalry of Mordor are known only to ride black steeds, most of which were stolen from the herds of the Rohirrim.
  • Wargs are a sentient, demonic breed of wolf, with a howling speech of their own and the ability to comprehend other tongues.
  • Many of the Easterling tribes are nearly as renowned for their horsemanship as the Rohirrim.
  • Orcs freely roam the fields of Rohan by edict of Théoden, King of Rohan. In spite of this, many Rohirrim still hunt Orcs on their lands.


The White Hand

Sign of the White Hand

Enemies bearing the sign of the White Hand, serve Saruman the Betrayer, who commands them from his stronghold of Isengard. The most dangerous are the mighty Uruk-hai, which the wizard breeds in the deep pits beneath the tower of Orthanc.


Banner of Mordor

The Goblins and Uruks that carry the mark of the Great Eye are servants of Sauron. Amongst the cruelest and most vicious foes to be found upon the plains, these servants of Mordor bear no love for the White Hand. They would gladly turn on them if not for their orders.


Easterling Banner

Evil men of Rhûn driven back across the Great River centuries ago by the might of the Rohirrim, the Easterlings have returned to wreak revenge on the Horse-lords. Fearless and formidable warriors, they count among their number cruel sorcerers who worship powers unknown.

Enemy Tactics

In addition to Warbands, Mounted Combatants on the palins of Rohan will present a very different type of challenge for heroes accustomed to facing foes on foot. Mounted Combatants may take on several new roles such as…

Flanker and Pursuer

Flanker and Pursuer enemy types attempt to stay with you, riding next to you or pursuing close behind, trying to beat you down with a steady string of attacks. They will often attempt to hinder your movement or weaken your defenses. Wargs and mounted swordsmen might fall into this category.


Jouster enemy types charge at you at great speeds, making hard-hitting attacks as they pass by before riding off to take another pass at their target. They will often buff themselves prior to an attack which can make them a very lethal foe. Mounted opponents wielding spears or large weapons will tend to joust.

Archer and Shaman

Archer and Shaman enemy types prefer to keep their distance to pepper their target with an array of arrows, javelins, or spells. A dangerous enemy type to ignore, Archers and Shamans need to be chased and confronted before they can cause serious harm. Some of them may have special abilities designed to hinder pursuit.