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Mac Client

Things to consider/changes to remember

Floating damage in enemy portrait

This new feature is annoying, it shows the damage you done in the enemy portrait, if you also have to show Floating damage on the target you will see the numbers twice and can lead to confuse you sometimes. You can disable it by going to the UI Settings options and disable "Show Floaty Damage On Selection Portrait".

Mounted Combat Management

Most of you will feel like mounted combat is hard, is complicated and it's annoying when you try to move and will eventually make you feel Highly Frustrated. This is because it needs some tweaking around. The mounted combat movement can be highly improved if you trait your horse completely yellow with +5 Agility points. You will sacrifice DPS and Survability but at least you will be able to control your horse so much better. I suggest that you trait yellow the first weeks to learn how to use your horse and go to Red or Blue traits whenever you feel you have learned how to use your horse perfect. Also you will get a new Legendary Item, the Bridle. Use legacies that will help you in your mounted combat and you will be 1 step closer to don't feel a bad player when you do mounted combat.

Gearing up in rohan

Turbine here didn't make the NPCs gives us Loot doing quests, instead they will give us Riddermark Tokens. With 20 of those you can barter some good items in the town of Harwick, right next to the Milestone, inside the house. (It took me a while to find this one). Also there are more quartermasters in Snowbourne or other towns. Besides that, they have focused in give Crafting a bit more love in this expansion, you can craft some good items, so... check what you can do!

New item highlightning

This option was introduced pre-Rohan but now has been slightly changed, if you find it annoying you can disable it in the UI settings options.

More Tooltips

Number of open Tooltips limitation has been raised, you can now have 20 tooltips open at the same time.

War Steed exp info

moved to War-steed Traits