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Being a collection of the Update 7 Moria updates - this list does not touch on the Fornost revision nor any other changes than Moria.

General notes/comments:

See my comments at :Talk:Mines of Moria Deeds

  • Tasks Bulletin Board have been added to Moria
  • A Tasks Collection Box has been added, always co-locateed with Tasks Bulletin Board.
  • All maps now have a "feather(s)" as the Tasks icon (currently 4 feathers, but that should resolve during beta to one, as shows on the radar.)

Durin's Way To do

Lots of Moria "stuff" needs to be updated and or completed - This Section is Durin's Way.

Deed information

Under tab "Moria"

Under tab "Moria Upper Levels"

Under the tab Moria Central Halls

Revised Deeds


The "Moria-mirror" quests have apparently all be revised. Apparently, all now start by clicking on the Mirror, no longer an associated quest-giver, just a receiver.

All 9 mirrors contribute to the Deed: Reflections -- Title "Reflector" 10 TP.

Notes on Mirrors

  • Quest:More Mirrors?
  • Quest:A Gleam in the Gloom
  • the quest-chain "Category:A Faint Gleam Quests".
This Moria-mirror is found in southern portion of The Great Hall of Durin (south of the Twenty-first Hall), up on the highest landing. [7.7S, 105.3W]

Riddles in the Dark

Riddle quests now begin with plaques in various locations

Travel updates:

  • New Stable-masters:
one route - to/from 21st Hall.
one route to/from rotting cellar
  • New travel routes
Swift Trave route added: Requires: lvl 45 Quest: Chapter 5: Into the Fire

Category and Quest chain changes

  • Quests are now all solo
  • Quest levels are all lowered (now 53)
  • Mob levels are all 52-53
  • KoLM shots from all current creatures in the Fanged Pit
  • Globsnaga Captives are 52-53
  • All quests give rep to either Guards or Miners
  • Concentration of MOBs drastically reduced. First tier of Slayer deed in Moria now require 120.

Quest Log: Moria: Hidden Content

Quests which have been removed from the game but which remain in the quest log for those who have started or completed them

  • [52] Hiding Content. DNT - Quest:Creatures of the Dark / A Faint Gleam
  • [52] Hiding Content. DNT - More Mirrors? / A Faint Gleam
  • [53] Hiding Content. DNT - Quest:Crystals and Moonlight / A Faint Gleam
  • [53] Hiding Content. DNT - Quest:Mirror, Mirror / A Faint Gleam

  • [53] Hiding Content. DNT - Quest:Riddles in the Locks / Riddles in the Dark

Chamber of the Crossroads

The Fanged Pit camp

new quest hub -- [3.5S, 103.3W]

All quests give Iron Garrison Guards Rep
  • Page created and live
  • Goat to Zirakzigil (Quest limited) lol -- you can ride this goat while mounted on another goat !
  • Stable-master has only one route -- to 21st hall
  • NPCs:
  • Quests
Revised Quests are completed

No quests are starting within The Fanged Pit, unbound to any landmark

The following quests are starting at the specified locations:

The Fanged Pit camp


The Door to the Clouds

now a quest hub

Deeds: Quests of Durin's way
All quests give Iron Garrison Guards Rep
Stable-master - still only one destination - Jazârgund
Goat to new quest hub The Fanged Pit
  • Zirakzigil creatures

The Tharâkh Bazân camp

new quest hub - [3.2S, 108.6W]

Deeds: Quests of Durin's way

All quests give Iron Garrison Guards Rep
New Items:

Category:Tharâkh Bazân camp Quests


Silvertine Lodes

Eliminated or obsoleted quests

The Riddle series (Falgeirr Twisttongue) is modified

If you have previously started the "old" Twisttongue riddle series, you will find a category in your quest log:

  • Hiding Content - DNT - Ridles in the Locks

These are obsolete quests from Prior to Update 7 - Moria revision Part I - He may still be involved in the revised versions of these quests

There is a Riddle Plaque at the base of the stairs which apparently starts the new series. (See "A Riddle in an Old City" above)

Deep Descent



Mining Camp (Silvertine Lodes)


The Old Silvertine City

Secondary entrance from wooden bordwalk: [??.7S, 112.2W]
You have found the door mentioned by Sori...not hidden, but a door plain to see

Quest Comments
  • Hiding Content - DNT - Ridles in the Locks

Need to identify the revised Twisttongue's riddle quest line.