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12.2 Preliminary release notes - Bullroarer.

Class Trait Quickslots Update

We now save/restore the state of your quickslots automatically when you change class trait configuration slots. A few things to be aware of:
  • When you switch to a given configuration slot for the very first time, the quickslots for that slot will be initialized from the way they look before you switched
  • When you earn a new skill through leveling, this skill will be automatically shortcut to the first available empty slot in each of the "non-current" trait configuration slots (if there's room)
  • Newly earned non-mounted-combat skills will be automatically quickslotted to the main (sword icon) quickslot page, no matter which page you are currently looking at (unlike previously)
  • Only the main quickslot page layout is saved/restored, and only for the main bar and bars 1-3. Bars 4 and 5 don't change when you change pages and their state will not be saved/restored
  • Only skills earned by leveling will be automatically shortcut for you for the non-current trait configurations. Other skills (for example milestone or travel skills bought through the webstore) will not


  • Turbine uses the term "Shortcut Bars" and "Quickslots" interchangeably.
  • Descriptions here are the defaults, and many can be changed in the "Options Panel / Key Mapping".


  • 0 - Default, positions 0-12; always displayed; Shortcut access: numeric keys 1-0,-,=
  • 1 - Default, positions 13-24; always displayed; Shortcut access Ctl numeric keys 1-0,-,=
  • 2 - Default, positions 25-12; always displayed; Shortcut access Shift numeric keys 1-0,-,=
  • 3 - Default, positions 37-48; always displayed; Shortcut access Alt numeric keys 1-0,-,=
  • 4 - Fixed, positions 49-60;
  • 5 - Fixed, positions 61-72;

Bars 1-6 are only displayed when enabled in Options/Quickslots.

 Quickslot Page

  • At the right end of the main quickslot bar there are two vertical arrows allowing you to switch pages. There are currently 3 pages - one with a sword, one with a shield, one with a horse.
  • mounted combat skills automatically get shortcut to the mounted combat page
  • When you mount up, the mount page is automatically shown, when you dismount, you automatically switch to the "first page". (Class Page)

Given configuration

  • This refers to stances, not to specializations

proposed change - other skills automatically get shortcut to the first page - the "class" page, which will then be associated with the specs.

Note that quickslot bars 4 and 5 always show "main page" shortcuts even when you have selected a different page to show for the rest of the bars.


Commentary by Dev Ransroth 1

I'm sorry you found the patch notes confusing. I'm hoping that actually playing with the changes will be pretty intuitive and patch notes will help get some of the unexpected/secondary interactions across. I'm considering writing a dev diary about this feature, but not sure I have the time.

Quote Originally Posted by Robeauch
When you say "class trait configuration slot," is that the same as a class trait tree? (I.e., it's one of the two trait setups that VIP's can save, or more than two if you purchase more.)
  • That's the one. I was trying to keep it clearly separate from picking your specialization, which doesn't do anything to your quickslots.
Quote Originally Posted by Robeauch View Post
Before I switched for the very first time they didn't look like anything. Are you saying that they will be initiialized from the way the looked on the slot that you are switching from? Or are you saying they will be initialized from the way they looked before 12.2?
  • The first.
Quote Originally Posted by Robeauch View Post
And -- you refer to "the quickslots for that slot" -- so, there is a set of quickslots for each of the trait specs you can save?
  • right. It gets saved for you automatically.
Quote Originally Posted by Robeauch View Post
So if I've got Specs A, B, and C, and I'm running Spec B, with its associated quickslot set, and I earn a new skill through levelling, the new skill goes into the first empty slot in the quickslots sets for specs A and C. Is that correct?
  • That is correct.
Quote Originally Posted by Robeauch View Post

I know there's a quickslot set with a sword icon, but in what sense is that the "main" one? Isn't there a set of quickslots for each of my saved trait setups? (As referred to above, "the quickslots for that configuration slot.")

  • We have 3 quickslot pages that you can put quickslots on. There's sword, shield, and horse icons and little arrows that allow you to manually switch between the three. The quickslot layout that gets saved for you is taken from the first page of quickslots.
  • Note: Only Quickslots 0-3 are saved; Slots 4,5,6 are untouched.
Quote Originally Posted by Robeauch View Post
OK, so ... this makes it sounds like we do NOT have separate quickslots for each of our saved trait setups, and instead, we can set up the "main" (sword) quickslots as we please for each of our specs. So .... If I switch to a different spec, I don't switch to a different set of quickslots. Instead, I stay on the sword quickslots, and the skills on that set of quickslots will rearrange themselves so they match the arrangement I saved for that spec. Is that correct? If that's the case, what did you mean above when you referred to "the quickslots for that configuration slot"?
  • The quickslot page concept, which already existed in 12.1 is different than the saved quickslot loadouts for each trait configuration slot introduced in 12.2 - these loadouts that we save are only for the first/main/sword quickslot page.

Commentary by Dev Ransroth 2

Quote Originally Posted by Gedachtnis View Post
Thanks Ransroth for popping in here.
This is what I'm seeing, please correct me if I'm wrong.
All configurations are saved on Quickslot Page 1 (Sword) only. The entire configuration is saved including "normal" skills and "traited" skills as well as items, per Trait Tab (1/2 from the Trait Tree). This allows for all swapping of Specs to occur on Quickslot Page 1.
Only "normal" skills and items are saved on Quickslot Page 2 (Shield). The configuration on Quickslot Page 2 is also static across Trait Tabs. This would allow items and skills such as Travel Skills etc. to be placed and available no matter what trait you are using.
Mounted Skills all operate as they have in the past.
Is there any plan to include Quickslot Page 2 as part of the "save" that happens for Page 1 or is it intended to be a static page normally?
  • The main bar and the first 3 additional bars of the sword page are the only ones that are saved/restored for you automatically when you switch class trait configurations.
  • The main bar and the first 3 additional bars of the horse page are the only ones that are saved/restored for you automatically when you switch mounted combat trait configurations
  • The shield page is left entirely alone - so if you put a skill on it, the skill will stay there, unless you lose the skill, in which case it will go away. The same thing should be true of quickslot bars 4 and 5 - they will be left alone and operate the same way as they did before the update.

Does that make sense?