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Monster Play
Creep Topics: Classes, Traits, Skills, Stats, Titles, Races, Ranks, Raiding, Troll Sessions
Freep Topics: Stats, Titles, Ranks, Raiding, Quests, Armour Sets, Ranger Sessions
Conflict in the Ettenmoors:
A storm gathers in the land between Angmar and Rivendell. The forces of Darkness amass at the foot of Mount Gram whilst the free peoples of Middle-earth gather to fight back the spreading shadow of the north.

Monster Play. Often spoken of in hushed and fearful tones over a pint of ale, some believe the stories, while other stalwarts consider them simply fireside tales told to frighten wide-eyed young hobbits. Now you'll learn the truth!

You've read all about the Ettenmoors, home to Monster Play in The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ (LOTRO). You've heard tales from participants about their adventures on the wild side. You've said to yourself, well, how does one begin this dark journey? The following overview will tell you everything you need to know to get started!

What is Monster Play?

LOTRO offers a unique form of player vs. player combat known as Monster Play. Players are transported to the Ettenmoors, a consensual PvMP (Player vs. Monster Player) region about the size of the Shire. Here, the Free Peoples and the Army of Angmar are in constant active conflict. Players can choose to join the fight with either their normal player character (at level 40 and above) as an Ally of the Free Peoples, or as one of the servants of the Enemy!

Keep in mind, however, that while you can access the Ettenmoors as a player character at level 40, ALL the enemies you will encounter, NPCs, MOBs and Monster Players alike, are all level 63 or higher!

Note: At this time (June 2011), PvMP is available only to VIP subscribers to LOTRO. It is rumored that a new PvMP area will become available to Free-to-Play (F2P) players with the release of the Isengard expansion on 27 September of 2011. At the moment it is rumored that P2P players will be give a "new" and different area for PvMP play -- reserving the Ettenmoors for VIP players. It is also rumored that there will be at least one new "monster" type available for play.

Playing as a Monster

To access Monster Play, you must create at least one Free Peoples player and attain level 10 or beyond through normal game play. After that, a "Monster Play" button will be active on the character select screen after login. In Monster Play, you have one slot for each class available to play: Orc Reaver, Orc Defiler, Spider Weaver, Uruk Blackarrow, Uruk Warleader, or Warg Stalker (all of which start as level 65 monsters). Once created, each monster character will persist and be available for further play, unless you choose to Reset it.

Monsters are named when you create them, and can receive surnames from an NPC in Gramsfoot. You can also form monster kinships, called "Tribes", similar to the Free Peoples.

Monsters can trade with other monsters, but they do not have Mailboxes. The implication of this is that, although you may have one Creep of each type in your account, you cannot pass "stuff" directly from one of your own Creeps to another. You have to find a "trusted" ally (i.e. a different account) trade it to them, logout your Creep, login your next one and trade back again.

They cannot use tools, armour, jewellery or other wearable items, but they can use potions, food and ceratin charms. They can loot defeated mobs, accumulate money and also sell spare loot to Quartermaster NPCs. Monsters can accept Quests and are usually rewarded with Destiny Points (DP) for completing them. They also receive a smaller number of DP for each player, mob and NPC defeated.

For full details on playing as a Monster Player (Creep), please see Army of Angmar. The Topics listed as "Creep Topics" here are about Monster Player characters:

Monster Play
Creep Topics: Classes, Traits, Skills, Stats, Titles, Races, Ranks, Raiding, Troll Sessions
Freep Topics: Stats, Titles, Ranks, Raiding, Quests, Armour Sets, Ranger Sessions

Getting to the Ettenmoors as an ally of the Free Peoples

As an ally of the Free Peoples or Freeps, you play with your normal character.

When entering into any PvMP area, a buff will be placed on your character. This special buff, shown as an icon on your vitals window as “Monster Play”, does the following:

  • Prevents item wear from combat hits.
  • Prevents item wear from blocking.
  • Prevents item wear from parrying.
  • Prevents item wear from using skills.

While in PvMP areas, you will also be protected from receiving item wear when defeated by a Creep player. Please note though, the following cases are NOT covered by the buff: crafting/harvesting, and defeat by PvE monsters/guards. (Note that there are no crafting facilities in the Ettenmoors. There are items (ore and wood) for harvesting by Freep players, but not for Creeps.)

In addition, the presence of this buff allows you to use special PvMP-only items

Lainedhel's Recruiters

As a member of the Free Peoples (i.e. a player character or Freep), your first contact with the Ettenmoors (also called Monster Play and referred to frequently in the game as "The Moors") could be when you reach level 45 and are "contacted" by a Recruiter for Captain-General Lainedhel.

There is a Recruiter near three of the four Stable Masters who provide transport to the Ettenmoors --
The fourth Stable Master who provides access to the Ettenmoors is in Michel Delving, however, there is no Recruiter there.
Note: Minimum level for travel to the Ettenmoors as a member of the Free Peoples is Level 40. Swift Travel to the Ettenmoors can be made directly from these four locations for a small fee. You can also return immediately to any of these four locations for a slightly larger fee, making a-2 hop Swift Travel between these four locations possible!

Any of these recruiters will give you a Quest: A Plea from Lainedhel to talk to Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn when you first visit Glân Vraig. (The quest is not necessary for access to the Ettenmoors, but it is a "free" Token of Valour.)

Your Swift Travel to the Ettenmoors will take you to Glân Vraig, [20.7S, 13.7W]

Exploring the Ettenmoors

You'll arrive in the Ettenmoors at your starting base (Glân Vraig for the Free Peoples; Gramsfoot for monster players). This area is safe from attack, but once you venture outside your starting base, all bets are off! You'll find several types of NPCs - quest starters, provisioners, and skill trainers (Bards for the Free Peoples, and Corruptors for monster players) - within this starting base. Additional quest givers will be found in the various keeps and other locations in the Ettenmoors. Some will only appear when your particular faction controls (or doesn't control) a specific location.

There's plenty to do in the Ettenmoors, and your actions will often earn you Destiny Points and Infamy or Renown (see below). Take on solo quests or head out with a group of friends, looking for (and finding!) trouble. Besides the smaller-scale battles, typically for Outposts, you'll find yourself fighting in while exploring the Ettenmoors, you can also engage in pitched battles for the control of various points of conflict. A dynamic map-note displays a symbol - a red eye for monster players and a blue tree for Free Peoples - at these key locations to show which faction currently controls them. A red flag indicates a location you have visited if it is "neutral," under the control of Gaergoth the Unbound’s forces from within the Delving of Frór.

Fearsome enemies or allies may await you within contested strongholds (depending on which side currently holds them), and you would be well advised to attack one of these locations only with a large force - but be on your guard! PvMP players might be defending their location, or attacking yours while you're gone!

The seven Keeps of the Ettenmoors

Glân Vraig

Glân Vraig is the starting location for all Free Peoples ( Freeps ) in the Ettenmoors and a primary stronghold that cannot be attacked by Monster Players. The entrance gate prevents any Monster Player from entering it.

Within Glân Vraig are trainers, many vendors and quest givers. It is located in the South East of the Ettenmoors.


Gramsfoot, [12.5S,  20.9W] - Gramsfoot is the starting location for Monster Play Characters (Creeps) in the Ettenmoors and a primary stronghold that cannot be attacked by the Free Peoples. The entrance gate prevents any non-Monster Player from entering it.

Within Gramsfoot are trainers, many vendors and quest givers. It is located in the North West of the Ettenmoors.

For Monster players, access to Gramsfoot is from the Character Selection Screen. See the section: Playing as a Monster above

The remaining five keeps in the Ettenmoors

Ost Ringdyr

Tírith Rhaw

Tol Ascarnen



Other Important Locations

The Five Outposts

All Outposts "begin" under the control of Gaergoth the Unbound’s forces from within the Delving of Frór. These forces will randomly reclaim those Outposts from either the Freeps or Creps.

These neutral forces will allow players or monster players to capture the location.

  • Controlling two or more of these Outposts in addition to your faction's Main Keep (Tírith Rhaw for the Freeps or Dâr-gazag for the Creeps) will permit access to the Delving of Frór for your faction.
  • When captured, the location becomes the province of the controlling force for a period of six hours.
  • At the end of this time the outpost is returned to neutral control under the forces of the Rogmul Gaergoth the Unbound .

When neutral, the Outposts fly the Standard of Gaergoth and appear on the map of the Ettenmoors as red flags (or no flags if you have not visited the location). When the Outposts are controlled by the Free Peoples (Freeps), they fly the Standard of the Free Peoples, and appear on the map as blue trees. When controlled by the Army of Angmar (Creeps), they fly the Standard of Angmar, and appear on the map as a red and yellow eye.

Monster Play Advancement

As if ravaging Hobbit villages as an Orc and sending their furry little feet fleeing in terror weren't reward enough, there are other incentives for participating in Monster Play. In this section, we'll talk about the basic aspects of advancement. The rank, rating, renown/infamy and other information about your participation and advancement appears on The War page of your Character Journal.

Destiny Points

Only monster characters can directly earn Destiny Points (DP) in the Ettenmoors, but both your monster character and your Free Peoples characters will share and benefit from this point pool. DP can be used to purchase new skills, improvements to armour, extra damage, and so forth for your monster. In addition, Free Peoples characters can spend them on Perks. Destiny Points appear on the main character page of your Character Journal for both monsters and Free Peoples. Additionally, you will see a handy UI window appear after level 10 showing you how many DP you currently have, and a button allowing you to buy Perks wherever and whenever you like outside of combat with your player character.


Rank is a reflection of your standing and service to the Free Peoples as a player character, and the favor earned in service to Angmar's army as a monster. Each type of character, monster or Free Peoples, can earn up to 15 ranks.

Renown & Infamy

Renown (for Free Peoples) and Infamy (for monsters) are similar to experience. Each time you defeat an enemy, whether solo, in a fellowship or in a raid, you earn an amount of Renown or Infamy based on the rating and rank of the defeated foe versus your rating and rank and the amount of damage you and/or your fellowship/raid members dealt to your target. Earned points are never lost, and continue to drive you closer to ever higher ranks.


Rating is a fluctuating number that rises and falls based on your victories and defeats in player vs. monster player combat (PvMP). The amount of rating points earned or lost depends on your rating and the rating of your opponent or opponents. A higher rating grants bonus Renown/Infamy from PvMP victories.


Prestige is a visual representation of your PvMP rating. Prestige appears as a collection of stars surrounding your player portrait. For every 0.100 Rating above 1.000, you will gain half a star, adding up to a maximum of 5 stars at 2.000.


Perks are short-term buffs which benefit your normal player characters, and can be used to boost your strength, increase your speed, and even give you rested experience points. They are earned with Destiny Points gained through Monster Play and leveling up, and can be purchased via your Destiny Point Wallet after level 10.

We hope this overview has whetted your appetite for a taste of LOTRO's Monster Play, and provided the information you need to join the fight. Happy hunting!

PvMP Objectives

Capture the Artifacts

Two artifacts have an importance to Eriador which is all their own. They represent the forces of Good and the forces of Evil. The Free Peoples, led by Captain-General Lainedhel, are out to crush the Army of Angmar within the Ettenmoors and stem the war from spilling further south.

The two artifacts are a Fragment of Mordírith's Crown for monster players and The Gift of the Carrock for players. The Gift of the Carrock is meant to inspire the Free Peoples in the Ettenmoors as much as the Fragment of Mordírith's Crown is meant to inspire the Army of Angmar there.

To capture an artifact, you must first control your faction’s artifact; if you don’t control your artifact, you must recapture it before you can attempt to control your opposition’s artifact. You will not be allowed to attempt to capture an artifact that you cannot claim. Capture is done by taking the artifact from the holding location at your opposition’s main keep and delivering it to the Artifact Room (Flag room) within your own main keep. (Ost Ringdyr for the Freeps or Dâr-gazag for the Creeps.}

Players and monster players who don the role of artifact bearer are unable to use stealth or speed-increasing skills and can attack and use most skills as normal. Artifacts, however, are items of extreme power and grant the bearer some bonuses as well. The bearer of an artifact gains a slight boost to their speed and they are made immune to all negative combat effects – no stuns, no speed modification, no knockdowns, no conjunctions. The power of the artifact is so great that it infuses the bearer with these abilities. Bearers will be recognizable from a fair distance as the artifact will appear not on their person but as a visible effect over their head.

Once captured, an artifact will remain in your faction’s possession until captured by the enemy, and once taken, an artifact bearer has thirty minutes to deliver the artifact to their main keep. If the bearer is slain, the artifact will leave the world until those thirty minutes have expired and will then return to the current owner’s main keep.

Ex. The monster players lost the Fragment of Mordírith's Crown to the players and are on a mission to get the artifact back. Nidor the enterprising Weaver is chosen to bear the artifact on the return trip to Dâr-gazag. Along the way, the defense force around Nidor is picked apart and the spider is, sadly, defeated near the Steps of Gram. The excursion took twenty minutes to complete. Ten minutes after defeat the artifact reappears, safely, behind the gate at Ost Ringdyr and the monster players must now mount another assault.

Capture the flag

Taking up the flag from one of the five contestable keeps will place the flag on the player or monster player; this visual standard will allow anyone in the Ettenmoors to recognize – on sight – an enemy attempting to capture a flag. While carrying the flag a player or monster player cannot use stealth or speed enhancing effects. You can still use most combat abilities. If a player is killed carrying the flag it will slowly make its way back to the Keep and reappear in the Ettenmoors fifteen minutes after it was first taken up.

To capture the flag, the bearer must make their way from the opposition Keep to the first landing of Tol Ascarnen. Once there, the flag will appear on the steps and a buff will be applied to all within the Keep. The buff stays in place until the flag is stolen away and returned to the opposition Keep or the Keep falls to enemy hands.

Capture Outposts

Capturing the flag from an Outpost secures that Outpost for your faction. It is not necessary to carry the flag from an Outpost back to the first landing of Tol Ascarnen. The alignment of the Outpost will change immediately on defeat of the Commanding entity.

Benefits of Location Control to players within the Ettenmoors

Controlling Tol Ascarnen provides the following bonuses to the controlling faction:

Provides enhancements to boss level NPCs at the factions Main Keep (Ost Ringdyr or Dâr-gazag)
Adds Dread at Dâr-gazag when controlled by Monster Players
Adds Hope at Ost Ringdyr when controlled by Players
Opens Flag Capture from Hoarhallow and Grothum (Explained above)

Controlling the Grimwood Lumber Camp provides:

Adds Defenders to the bottom floor of Tol Ascarnen
Mood shift (+1 Hope for player control or +1 Dread for monster player control) at Tol Ascarnen

Controlling the Isendeep Mine provides:

Adds Defenders to the top floor of Tol Ascarnen
Mood shift (+1 Hope for player control or +1 Dread for monster player control) at Tol Ascarnen

Controlling both the Grimwood Lumber Camp and the Isendeep Mine:

Opens new skills for the Keep Commanders
Increases damage output for all NPCs at Tol Ascarnen

Verified Benefits as of U12.3

  • These buff appear below your character portraits.
+20% Infamy/Glory and Commendation Gains
+20% Infamy/Glory and Commendation Gains
+3400 Tactical Mastery Rating
+3400 Physical Mastery Rating
+3400 Tactical Mastery Rating
+3400 Physical Mastery Rating
+3400 Tactical Mastery Rating
+3400 Physical Mastery Rating
+20% Infamy/Glory and Commendation Gains
-2% Incoming Tactical Damage
-2% Incoming Melee Damage
-2% Incoming Ranged Damage
-2% Power Cost
+20% Infamy/Glory and Commendation Gains

Benefits of Control accruing to ALL Free Peoples

except instances and the Ettenmoors – with the following bonus:

  • When the Free Peoples control these two artifacts and the Five locations:

Tol Ascarnen, Tírith Rhaw, Lugazag, Isendeep Mine, and the Grimwood Lumber Camp, all players within any region of Eriador – except instances and the Ettenmoors – receive the following instead of A Quiet Calm and/or Peace and Quiet:

  • A 5% reduction in combat related item wear
  • +50 Maximum Morale
  • When the Free Peoples control these two artifacts and all locations in the Ettenmoors (the aboce listed locations plus the five outposts)

all players within any region of Eriador – except instances and the Ettenmoors – receive the following instead of A Quiet Calm and/or Peace and Quiet:

  • Protection-icon.png Enhanced Abilities 
    • A 10% chance of item wear'
    • +100 Maximum Morale
    • +5% Out of Combat Run Speed

Quests of Ettenmoors

Monster Play Quests -- needs to be divided into Creep and Freep sections

Category:Monster_Play_Quests Contains Category:Freep Quests and Category:Creep Quests

Find out when this update happened?

Book 10: The City of the Kings, the second major update to The Lord of the RingsTM: Shadows of AngmarTM, features a massive overhaul to the Ettenmoors keep system

  • Tokens of Valour earned for the glory of the Free People now stack to 25. -- was this updated to 50+?


Keeps changing hands from one side of the battle to the other will now face dire straits until reinforcements can be called to the field. For the outlying areas of Lugazag, Tirith Rhaw, the Isendeep Mine and the Grimwood Lumber Camp, word must be returned to Gramsfoot or Glân Vraig in order for the leaders of the forces to acknowledge the need for assistance. Once this is achieved, the outlying defenders will return to the location and take up their posts once again.

Until that time, only the forces immediately necessary for the defense of the Tyrant or Captain-General and all quest bestowers for the location will appear at the hold location. For Tirith Rhaw and Lugazag this means that the top floor and guards at the entrance will arrive immediately after the locations are recovered. For the Isendeep Mine and Grimwood Lumber camp, only the area immediately surrounding the leaders - inside the barricade for the Grimwood and in the final alcove of the cavern for the Isendeep - will appear for the defense.

Boiling Oil

Monsters and players controlling Tol Ascarnen, Lugazag or Tirith Rhaw can now complete quests to build and fuel cauldrons of boiling oil on the parapets overlooking the main entrance to the towers or keep. Controlling one of these cauldrons will provide a major benefit to the defending side and will last until the keep falls to the control of the attackers. Once a location falls, the cauldron must be built anew. Cauldrons will spill their fiery death once every thirty seconds and the fires will burn at the entrance for nearly as long.

The quests to build the cauldron and get the oil have to be accomplished 10 times before the Cauldron can be built and filled withoil.

Murder Holes

Like the addition of boiling oil, murder holes are another new addition that can be added to Tol Ascarnen. As with boiling oil, a series of quests must be completed to access the murder holes. Once they are unlocked they'll stay at the first tunnel until the keep is taken by an opposing force. Every five seconds, murder holes will fire upon enemies attempting to take Tol Ascarnen; they are a powerful defensive boon to whomever controls the keep.

Tol Ascarnen

Players and monster can also acquire a horn within the bounds of Tol Ascarnen. To obtain the Horn of Tol Ascarnen, players or monster players must complete a third set of quests at the location. Completion provides a horn manned by a single defender. This defender will blow the horn in response to seeing attackers within the bounds of the keep, initiating a powerful patrol which sweeps through the keep in an effort to drive out attackers.

The outlying camps to the west and south of Tol Ascarnen also get a small boon in the form of new support units and quests available to assist in retaking the keep. Monster players can gain the support of a small force that will attack alongside their number in an attempt to retake the keep; player characters can enlist the aid of a First Marshal to assault the keep.

Isendeep Mine

Players and monster players can add reinforcements to the mines by escorting their respective miners into the mines. To alleviate the issues concerning quest target miners not being present within the mines, two small camps of miners - one goblin and one dwarf - have been added to the eastern and western edges of the mine.

Lastly, the forces of good and evil alike can turn the powerful drakes patrolling the mine into a force to assail their enemy. By completing quests, players or monster players can draw the drakes in the mine into direct conflict with the opposition's leaders.

Grimwood Lumber Camp

Players and monster players alike can now increase the number of defenders in the area of the Grimwood Lumber Camp by escorting spiders or Little Folk to it. These new additions will go about their business collecting wood from the nearby trees, and will assist the defenders against an enemy attack when called upon.

Finally, other enemies in the immediate area of the Lumber Camp can be called to battle the current controllers by completing a small set of quests. These assistants will aid those that call them to the fight, but could as easily turn against them.

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Session Play

  • Population balance bonuses

This mechanic continually tracks population in PvMP. When one side’s force becomes dramatically smaller than the other’s, a defensive bonus is added to the characters on the underpopulated side. The bonus increases if the difference in population between the two sides grows bigger and decreases if the difference in population between the two sides grows smaller.

The defensive bonus boosts melee, ranged, and tactical defenses. When your side has this bonus applied, it will be shown as an icon in your vitals window.

  • For Creeps, this bonus is known as “Akúlhun's Challenge”
  • For Freeps, this bonus is known as “Lainedhal's Call to Arms”

Troll and Ranger session play is now tied into the Population Balance mechanic. You will now only be able to start up a session if your side is overwhelmed. Like the defensive bonus above, if the difference between the two sides continues to increase, more session slots will be unlocked for the underpopulated side to use.

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