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June 2011

Primary project: (Ettenmoors)

  • Working on major update and revisions to the Ettenmoors and PvMP sections -- namely adding most of the Freep stuff that is missing.


Original reference:

  • Dev Diraries: (apparently oldest on the bottom.)..
  • Allan Maki apprently is senior developer for the Ettenmoors

Apparently linked: in time to "when The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria™ launches" Apparently all MOBs upgraded to reflect new level cap (i.e. 65)

Specific moors stuff

Miscellaneous tasks:

Annotated map of Ettenmoors -- first edition done:
Click for larger image
  • Villages (2)
    • Hoarhallow, [19.8S, 20.0W]
    • Grotham Village (?) - annotation for the goblin village in the far north-east
  • Outposts (5)
    • River Outpost, [18.4S, 20.1W]
    • Coldfellas Outpost, [20.9S, 17.0W]
    • Arador's End Outpost - AE - near the 2nd R in Arador's End IIRC
    • Plains Outpost - in the middle of the open area in the south-east
    • Isendeep Outpost - what's it called anyway
  • Other points of interest/landmarks/player named locations candidates
    • Orc Camp (OC)
    • Elf Camp (EC)
    • MP map points (15 of them): (Crude|Poor|Good) (Lugz|TA|TR|Isen|LC)
    • spider fort
    • river above the Hoardale waterfall
    • Isendeep entrances
    • Delving entrances
    • mountain pass entrances - what are they called?
    • WTAB - West Tol A. bridge
    • STAB - South Tol A. bridge
    • Sergeant's Ramp
    • Norbog Nest/Slope
    • Eagle Valley - what ever it's called.
    • Lugz and TR grave yards - what are they called?
    • Warg Den
    • Goldie's den
    • Dwarf camp
    • Gollie's nest
    • more...

Combine various duplicate pages

Isendeep and Isendeep Mine -- done - 9/10 June 2011

Link various pages with Freeps

Sergeant-at-Arms Glorellin is now linked as a Freep and MP-NPC - 4 June

Update 12.2 Notes

Why go to the moors....

1) Social - Not always easy to find a group, but easier to find a group than with the instance finder (disclaimer: it isn't a group finder) 2) Replay Value - It's not always the same like PvE. (just mostly the same) 3) Equipment 4) Achievements/Rewards/Titles 5) Personal Challenges - Just like other parts of the game, you can continually improve 6) Scandel/Drama - It's like one of those shows where you lock everyone up together and see who can stay in the bubble house the longest 7) Humour - possibly the biggest part for some (especially wargs) - from synchronized warg swimming to hobbit-punting, you can see/hear things in the Moors that will make you wish you hadn't taken that last mouthful of coke 8) Things the rest of you will think of

It would certainly be nice if the story could be eventually integrated into the Moors more. If that isn't practical for the initial update, then at least some frequently repeatable quests. (Release the trees!!!!) Maybe a few more npcs could be added back to the old hotspots and something spooky could be done with Plains. (another delving exit? maybe with undead guarding it?)

preliminary release notes

Monster Play

  • Addressing “Macroing” issues: Certain classes were able to cause some skills to ignore their cooldowns, causing a situation where those skills could be used repeatedly and rapidly on their target. This has been resolved.
  • Creep Guards, such as Krahjarn Felarrows, will no longer occasionally attack their Creep allies after being harassed by Freeps.
  • Monsterplayer health potions are no longer useable by the Free People. Apologies in advance to those who enjoyed drinking The Blood of Men.

Chests of the First Marshal, Second Marshal, and Glan Vraig now carry updated rewards.

  • We have smoothed out monster HP progression. Mid-level monsters (lvl 30-50) in particular will be a bit tougher. In addition, after many drills, the forces of the Enemy now use their basic attacks at a faster pace.

The new level 95 ring sets should now be available from your class vendors

The Guardian's Armour Trade-up for lvl 95 gear should now offer the correct gear "Insignia of Soothing" is now "Insignia of the Call" and bestows its 10% Incoming Healing Debuff to Call of the Second Age.

Black Arrow's Moving Target now has a buff duration of 15s, down from 30s. The cooldown has also been increased to 90s, up from 4os.

Creep Health pots now heal for a percentage of their max health instead of a flat value. These range from 5% to 45% of their max health. Creep in combat and out of combat morale regen rates have been increased to compensate for their larger health pools.