Turn the Tides (Beorning Trait)

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Turn the Tides (Beorning Trait)-icon.png
 Turn the Tides
  • Beorning
  • Nature's Vengeance now deals damage to the target for every corruption it removes. Additional ranks increase the amount of damage you do per corruption removed.
    You need 15 ranks in other traits in the The Claw branch.
    Rank 1
    For each Corruption removed from a target:
    Removes up to 3 corruption effects from the target.
    For each effect dispelled,
    35 - 39 Common Damage
    Rank 2
    +25% Turn the Tide's Damage
    Rank 3
    +50% Turn the Tide's Damage
    Rank 4
    +75% Turn the Tide's Damage
    Rank 5
    +100% Turn the Tide's Damage

Trait Information