Trestlebridge Gate

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This page is about the southern gate to Bree. For the western gate to the Wildwood, see Trestlebridge Gate (West)
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Trestlebridge Gate
Region: The North Downs
Area: Trestlebridge
Location: [18.2S, 53.7W]
Trestlebridge Gate.jpg


Trestlebridge Gate is a landmark within Trestlebridge in The North Downs. [18.2S, 53.7W]

One of two gates into Trestlebridgem this open gate stands athwart the North-South Road that since ancient times served as a royal road, connecting the northern part of the Arnorian Kingdom with the souther Gondor. Now this road connects Bree-land with the North Downs.

Somehow this gate withstood the recent fierce attack when the orcs managed to overrun the town of which much now is burnt to ashes.

This gate has the same name as the western gate to the Wildwood.


HumanM.png Giles Chadwick
HumanM.png Guard - Free Peoples


House on the outer wall of Trestlebridge View of the gate from within Trestlebridge