Thickened Hide (Beorning Skill)

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Thickened Hide-icon.png
 Thickened Hide
  • Fast
  • Skill Type: Any Form
  • Drastically reduce damage taken for a duration. During this time, being struck will heal you for a percentage of your max Morale.
  • Reduces all Damage taken by 60%
    On any hit received:
    Receive effect:
    Restores 1% of maximum Morale
  • Duration: 10s
  • Cost: Adds 5 to Wrath
  • Cooldown: 2m

General Information

Class: Beorning

Trait Tree: The Hide Traits

Legacy Interactions

The duration can be increased to 20 seconds by maximizing the Thickened Hide Duration legacy on a Beorning legendary weapon. However, upon imbuement the legacy transforms into Thickened Hide Tactical Mitigation which loses the extended duration benefit. It is recommended that you have a second un-imbued weapon with Thickened Hide Duration which can be swapped in before using the Thickened Hide skill.