The Servants Four

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These four mobs are encountered within the 12/24-men raid instance of Helegrod in the Misty Mountains. They are found together and must be defeated in order to progress. For their individual abilities, see their individual pages respectively.

Tactical Overview

Once the encounter begins, each servant will run to their camp-fire and return with 4-6 adds:

In order to mitigate being overwhelmed, Adhargal and Breosal (who are on the far left and far right) can be crowd-controlled by a Lore-master once the encounter is active.

Defeat the Corcur Seer and Corcur Blood-vowed first while the Guardians and Lore-masters control the Servants.

The Corcur Seers are primarily healers and may also cast a blood pact on a Corcur Blood-voweds that causes the Blood-voweds to receive all damage that the Seer takes.
The Corcur Blood-voweds are melee combatants and have a frontal area-of-effect attack that can be devastating if there are many of them.

Proceed to take down the Servants one by one. The order is not all-important, but since three of them leave the battle prematurely it is recommended to get them out of the way first. Each one leaves once their morale reaches the following amount:

  • Grisgart - ~100k
  • Breosal - ~70k
  • Adhargal - ~35k.

Ansach does not leave the battle, and he must be defeated.

The most difficult part of the fight is dealing with the adds quickly while keeping the Servants Four under control.


"We will meet again, my foes!" — Grisgart, Breosal and Adhargal when they leave the battle.