The Misty Mountains

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The Misty Mountains are a great mountain ridge that constitutes a border between Eriador in the west and Rhovanion in the east. This ridge runs from near Isengard in the south to the north-western Carn Dûm in Angmar and beyond, a distance of about 1,300 km. This natural border had very few passes through, the High Pass and the Redhorn Pass are a couple well known examples. One of the most renowned locations of the Misty Mountains is the infamous goblin kingdom of Goblin-town, near which Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, and Thorin and Company spent a stormy night in a small cave, during their Quest of Erebor. The Misty Mountains is the main source to many large rivers, Bruinen and Mitheithel being two of the rivers flowing westwards, and Nimrodel, one of many rivers flowing eastwards.

In game, a very small section of the greater ridge proper is featured, particularly the section centered around Goblin-town. It is overrun by Gauredain, giants, goblins, wargs, and worms, as well as bears, snow-beasts and wolves, Hill-men and Dourhand dwarves can be found confined to their own respective dwellings. Additionally, herds of lumbering mammoths can be found throughout the mountains. The region largely consists of towering mountain ridges, snowy vales, rocky crags and hills, as well as spruce and fir forests pocketed throughout. Warmer sections like Bruinen Source West and Southern High Pass, while still snow-covered, have sections of flowing water breaking through the icy cracks around them.

The Misty Mountains has but a few frost-bitten dwarf outposts. Glóin's Camp, being the largest, provides some basic services and is located just at the one and only entrance to this region, connecting to Rivendell Valley in the Trollshaws. The smaller camps of Hrimbarg and Vindurhal have even less of services but provide traveling means.



Once Melkor created the Misty Mountains to hinder the Valar from riding about freely into the north and east, and the hunter Oromë in particular. Thus Oromë created the High Pass even before the dawn of dwarves. Later, Mount Gundabad is said to be the legendary birthplace of Durin the Deathless, the First Father of the Dwarves. He founded Khazad-dûm at the centre of the Misty Mountains, known as Moria in Sindarin, and begun mining within. The most precious ore found was Mithril, sought for far and wide by Elves, by dwarves from other realms, and by the very few Men who had been taught the arts of smithing this wondrous metal. The wealth of the dwarves of Khazad-dûm grew tremendously. Thus, inside the mountains the dwarves built magnificent halls, stairs, and of course passages from west to east. They also built roads to connect the High Pass with the Great East Road and with Mirkwood. All of this happened already in the First Age.

While mining for Mithril in III 1980 the dwarves happened to wake a Balrog, or perhaps to open its dwelling, the one which became known as "Durin's Bane"; if this was by accident or by greed nobody knows. The Balrog forced the dwarves to escape and desert their glorious kingdom.

Over time also orcs and goblins had established themselves where they found safe chasms or where they could excavate their settlements. From the time the dwarves deserted Moria and until today, the dark caverns and high passes of the Misty Mountains are given over almost entirely to the creatures of the Dark Lord Sauron. Yet in the current era of Lotro, relics and corpses of strange creatures from older times linger in ice and snow. Fell spirits are rumoured to travel to the Misty Mountains in a wish to make un-dead what could potentially become most dangerous threats to the Free Peoples.


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Bruinen Source West

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No crafting facilities are found within the Misty Mountains.

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