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The article needs serious work. Most of this is the same as last year, and having been live for a couple of weeks now, all of the new stuff has been known.

Festival Item list: Jeffrey Bloomer is not the only vendor bartering the Yule Stocking Cap, the G.L.O.B.E. Concessions vendors have this too. NO mention is made of the various Quartermasters at the festival grounds, all of whom barter the Yule Stocking Cap and other gift boxes not even mentioned here: Dwarf Gift Box, Elf Gift Box, Bree Gift Box. There is also no mention of the various items that can be received from a gift box. Partial list:

Dwarf Gift Box

  • Travel Pack (Cosmetic)
  • Dwarf-Make Prospector's Pack (Cosmetic)
  • Scaled Hauberk (Cosmetic)

Elf Gift Box

  • Elven Snow Globe (Small Furniture)

Bree Gift Box

  • Bree-land Snow Globe (Large Furniture)
  • Scaled Hauberk (Cosmetic)
  • Exquisite Short-Sleeved Dress (Cosmetic)
  • Festive Table (Large Furniture)

Hobbit Gift Box

  • Fancy Woodcutter's Pack (Cosmetic)

There is also no mention in the Quests section of the Shire Yule Run (although it's mentioned in an earlier section, this should be consistent), or the quest given at the Party Tree by Opal Goodbody that rewards the Yule Tree (Small Yard). Theodobald 09:21, 22 December 2010 (EST)