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Summer Festival Fishing

You need two things for the Summer Festival Fishing. You need to acquire the Fishing Skill and a fishing pole and then get the Stocking The Pond Quest.

To acquire the Fishing Skill, you should go to Bywater in the Shire. Between Bywater and Hobbiton along the river is a stand where you can get the Fishing Skill and a pole. You can also get the Fishing Skill and a pole in Thorin's Hall. Halfway down the main hall and on the right by the Bard is a man who can give you the Fishing Skill and a pole.

After you get the Fishing Skill and the pole, go to the Character page (press C), click on the Hobbies button at the bottom and drag the Fishing Skill to a hot-key location. It should be something without Alt, Ctrl or Shift because you will use it a lot. Close those windows.

To equip the fishing pole, I recommend this. Move the Fishing Pole icon from your inventory to a hotkey. Double click the Fishing Pole icon hotkey. Your weapon will be moved to where your Fishing Pole icon was. Drag your weapon icon from your inventory to another hotkey. Now, if you need your weapon quickly, you can get to it by using the hotkey.

To fish, be near the water. Press the Fishing Pole icon and the toon was cast. When a fish strikes, press the icon again to bring in the fish.

To get the Stocking The Pond Quest, talk to they other guy in the Fishing stand. Unlike other tasks, you can’t catch fish ahead of time because, you need a certain amount and kind of fish from each fishing hole.

Happy fishing. Go save Middle Earth. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Pgr (Contribs • User Talk) at 21:43, 23 August 2012‎.