Summer Pipeweed Vendor

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This page is used by Summer Pipeweed Vendor NPCs.

Item Cost
Craft: Ingredients
Lengalenas Seed-icon.png Lengalenas Seed 15 Copper 
Stonecrop Leaf Seed-icon.png Stonecrop Leaf Seed 15 Copper 
Summer Green-weed Seed-icon.png Summer Green-weed Seed 15 Copper 
Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Lengalenas Pipe-weed 1 Silver 35 Copper 
Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Stonecrop Leaf Pipe-weed 45 Copper 
Pipe-weed-icon.png Pouch of Summer Green-weed Pipe-weed 2 Silver 25 Copper 
Recipe: Farming Tier 1
Apprentice Farmer Recipe-icon.png Stonecrop Leaf Field Recipe 10 Silver 35 Copper 
Apprentice Farmer Recipe-icon.png Stonecrop Leaf Pipe-weed Recipe 10 Silver 35 Copper 
Recipe: Farming Tier 3
Expert Farmer Recipe-icon.png Lengalenas Field Recipe 41 Silver 25 Copper 
Expert Farmer Recipe-icon.png Pipe-weed Recipe 41 Silver 25 Copper 
Recipe: Farming Tier 5
Master Farmer Recipe-icon.png Summer Green-weed Field Recipe 82 Silver 50 Copper 
Master Farmer Recipe-icon.png Summer Green-weed Pipe-weed Recipe 82 Silver 50 Copper