Summer Festival 2007

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Summer at The Party Tree
Middle-earth celebrates Summer Solstice Festival from June 20th - July 10th!

Summerfest features a variety of quests, games, and special vendors on-hand to supply festival items like food & drink, pipe-weed, and fireworks!



What would a festival be without dancing? Meet up with a Dance Leader who will teach you new, race-specific dance moves. Soon, you'll be dazzling onlookers with your smooth dancing techniques that show your Summer Festival spirit!


After you're finished dancing up a sweat, what better way to cool down on a hot summer night than with friends and drink? Sound good? Participate at the Inn League! It can be summed up in two words: tavern crawl.

Chasing Chickens

Summer Festival quests include scavenger hunts, farming, and something called "Hobnanigans!" If you're not sure what Hobnanigans are, you should come to the Bree-fields Festival Grounds and find out.


Ered Luin - Thorin's Hall's Inn

Ered Luin - The Festival Garden

The Shire - The Party Tree

Bree-land - Festival Grounds

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