Spring Festival 2009

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Spring Hedge Maze

Celebrate Spring with all of your favorite Spring quests and activities:

  • Run the Inn League quests
  • Collect flowers
  • Race in Bree and the Shire

This year the Spring Festival also brings:

  • A new Hedge Maze!
  • Even more quests
  • A new Spring-themed horse (this has been disabled)
  • New Recipes for the Farming Profession.

Spring Festival begins March 24,2009 (US) and April 3,2009 (EU) !

Picking Flowers

Picking a patch of flowers

One of the more predominant activities this Spring Festival is to run around picking flowers. If you take the time to do so then you will be rewarded with different colored gift boxes. Inside those boxes are special items!

Flowers and Locations:

Marigolds from the stone circle north of Michel Delving.

Violets from the stone circle outside Bree's West gate.

Primrose flowers from above Celondim.



The Hedge Maze

Automatic Quest Bestowal

Bree - Market Square

  1. [...] Love is Like a Flower 8
  2. [...] A-courting Bree Will Go 8
  3. [...] A Fern By Any Other Name... 8
  4. [...] A Fistful of Flowers - Repeatable 8

Bree-land - Festival Grounds

The Shire - The Party Tree

The Shire - Brockenborings

  1. [...] Bullroarer's Brew 8
  2. [...] Paying Your Respects 8

Ered Luin - The Festival Garden

Festival Garden

Ered Luin - Thorin's Hall Inn

Festival Horse Races

At The Shire Race-track and Festival Grounds

The Inn League

The Inn League headquarters at The Bird and Baby inn

The Ale Association

The Ale Association headquarters


8 - Added with Spring Festival 2008
9 - Added with Spring Festival 2009
10 - Added with Spring Festival 2010
11 - Added with Spring Festival 2011
12 - Added with Spring Festival 2012
18 - Added with Spring Festival 2018
19 - Added with Spring Festival 2019

Festival Items

Festival Items Barter
Hobbit Hedge Sculpture-icon.png Hobbit Hedge Sculpture 4 Hedge Leaves
Music Box 1-icon.png Spring Festival Theme 4 Hedge Leaves
Garden-dwarf-icon.png Garden-dwarf 4 Hedge Leaves
White Rose Circlet-icon.png White Rose Circlet 4 Hedge Leaves
Apprentice Farmer Recipe-icon.png Potted Lily-of-the-Valley Recipe 2 Hedge Leaves
Journeyman Farmer Recipe-icon.png Potted Iris Recipe 2 Hedge Leaves
Expert Farmer Recipe-icon.png Potted Bluebottle Recipe 2 Hedge Leaves
Slapper Fish-icon.png Slapper Fish 4 Hedge Leaves
Cold Fish-icon.png Cold Fish 4 Hedge Leaves
Festival Items Quest
Keg 1-icon.png
Inn League Sinister Keg The Green Challenge

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