Shared Wardrobe (LOTRO Store)

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Shared Wardrobe

Vault-keeper Wardrobe-icon.png Shared Wardrobe-icon.png
  • Shared Wardrobe Storage must be purchased, but is available to all account types: VIP, Premium and Free to Play.
It allows all your characters on the same server and account to store and retrieve items from this shared storage space.
You can access your Shared Storage directly from the Vault-keeper's menu or by clicking on the Vault-keeper Wardrobe-icon.png icon at the top of the Character Vault or Wardrobe panels.
  • Initial space and upgrades are purchased from the Lotro Store, see list below.
  • These purchases are applied account-wide per server, and available to all classes and levels.
  • VIP players receive 20 Shared Storage slots as part of their subscription.
If you downgrade from VIP to Premium status:
  • Items placed in the Wardrobe as a VIP player can be used and dyed but not replaced.
  • Your total available number of Shared Wardrobe slots is reduced by 20 (including the Maximum number of Shared Wardrobe Slots available). I.e. the 20 Shared Wardrobe slots received as a VIP player are removed. You must purchase those 20 slots from the LOTRO Store to again utilize them.

As of Update 18.2, the maximum Shared Wardrobe limit is 310 slots for VIP players, and 290 for Premium and Free to Play accounts, account-wide and permanent.

  • Each upgrade to the Wardrobe adds 10 extra slots.