Sabertooth Cat

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Sabertooth Cat

The Sabertooth Cat becomes available for the Lore-master at level 56. It has the same level as the Lore-master himself.

It's primary role is to deal damage to several targets at once, similar to that of a Champion. It is the only Lore-master pet that does not deal common damage on auto-attacks. Instead, it deals frost damage. Since most enemies are more susceptible to frost than to common damage, the sabertooth's DPS is high compared to other pets, especially on multiple targets. It also has the ability to initiate fellowship maneuvers, albeit unreliably. Still, many Lore-masters do not use the sabertooth regularly, because the relative damage output of pets is a lot lower than that of players, meaning that the outgoing damage of a pet does not influence fights that much therefore, players often choose their pets on ground of other benefits, like flank rate or debuffs. That said, the sabertooth is very effective for killing multiple weak targets without the Lore-master having to bother about them, for instance by putting it on an enemy that spawns multiple weak adds continuously. It can even be used to complete tier 1 skirmishes AFK.

The sabertooth cat has an average flank rate.


Sabertooth Cat Skill Bar.jpg

The last three skills on the Sabertooth Cat's Skill Bar are:

  1. Frostbite: Frost damage in frontal arc, reduces the target's frost defence
  2. Fury of Winter: Frost damage in frontal arc with improved critical magnitude, causing Flanked! on critical hit
  3. Throat Slash: Frost damage in frontal arc with chance of initiating a Fellowship Maneuver against a flanked target


The trait Noble Savage enhances the Lore-master's companion by improving its morale, power, attack speed, damage, critical chance, block, parry and evade chance, stealth and stealth detection, as well as granting it immunity to knockbacks.


Auto-attacks have a chance to activate Flanked! on an enemy target.
Auto-attacks from the rear have a chance to activate Harried! on an enemy target.

Pet Food

A Sabertooth Cat can eat Cuts of Meat to temporarily increase it's melee critical & defence ratings. Cuts of Meat are crafted by Cooks.

Ranged Item

A Lore-master can equip a brooch in their ranged slot that grants their pet one of the following:

  • Up to 656 critical rating, 1156 morale and 997 power;
  • Up to 630 in-combat morale regeneration, 8000 evade rating, 1156 morale and 997 power.


A Lore-master has the ability to learn skills that change the appearance of their pet by consuming talismans. These talismans are crafted by Jewellers or can be purchased at the LOTRO Store. *Please Note: Talisman Tomes are no longer in the LOTRO Store. They can now be purchased for Mithril Coins from the Lore Master Trainer at Tinnudir in Evendim. They cos 25-35 Mithril Coins each depending on the variety you choose.

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