Region Pack:Far Anórien

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Far Anórien

Unlocks 70+ quests in the Beacon Hills and in the Drúadan Forest.

  • Far Anórien Quests designed for levels 100+ (to reach 105!)
  • Instance Cluster: Pelennor Battle
  • Free to VIP!

The Battle of the Pelennor Fields now looms and the Rohirrim have not yet arrived. Follow their trail in the Beacon Hills and help them ply the swift, secret path to the battle by way of the Drúadan Forest, where the ancient Wose people dwell.

Gather your companions and brave three new instances: Blood of the Black Serpent, The Quays of the Harlond, and The Silent Street. Plus this pack unlocks a NEW battlefield raid (Throne of the Dread Terror)!

Level Classes Uses Normal Price (In LP's)
100+ All Account 1995 LOTRO Point