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I realize this quest is named "Munfaeril's Warning -- Instance" in-game, however, that naming is completely different from all other quest instances, which are named "Instance: Munfaeril's Warning." This presents an interesting question -- is this a unique situation caused by a new/different developer/editor, or has Turbine allowed or caused a change in quest naming philosophy? I'm just moving into Gravenwood, so we'll see which way other quests "branch." Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC (talk) 15:08, 5 November 2011 (EDT)


I have found this to be a very difficult, if not the most difficult, solo instance I have done. I am looking for strategy tips.

Combat starts with Nevid and one guard attacking. When that guard dies, a second guard joins. When Nevid gives up, Madin joins -- IF you are still in his immediate area. Otherwise, other guards scattered around the scene will activate and attack one at a time. Therefore, it doesn't pay to move around and use of traps is pretty limited. What I am finding is that I am nearly dead by the time Madin attacks, and he is no pushover.

I can see that timing is critical, as it is no help to have Madin and a guard wailing on you at the same time, but if you kill both guards before Nevid gives up, another guard instantly adds regardless of where you are standing. So it seems like you are going to have to deal with Madin + a guard no matter what. So my strategy so far is to stay near Madin, kill one guard, weaken the second but then focus on Nevid. When Nevid quits and Madin starts, finish off the other guard before turning to Madin. But I'm still dying, and this with my level 74 Champion, never mind the Hunter's woes. Thoughts? Rpw1066 (talk)

Madin Brenin Bug

I did this twice in a row with the same result. After you talk to Madin Brenin he summons the guards and Nevid. I did not move from where I was from talking to Madin Brenin and defeated Nevid and the guards. Madin Brenin would not attack and would not be attackable. To prevent this bug, on the third attempt, I ran away from Madin Brenin after talking to him. Everything worked out fine after that.