Quest Pack:Eastern Gondor

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Eastern Gondor

Take part in three new instances: The Sunken Labyrinth, The Ruined City, and The Dome of Stars.
Unlocks adventures in Upper Lebennin, Lossarnach, South Ithilien, and Osgiliath for characters level 100+.
Osgiliath's red fires burn in the east. Black clouds wrack the sky. The Enemy is moving, mustering at the very doorstep of Gondor. But still hope remains: the ships that raided Pelargir now lie in the hands of Aragorn, who seeks to sail north and reclaim the lands of men. With the Witch-king’s army preparing to besiege Minas Tirith, you must keep the forces of darkness from learning of Aragorn’s plan and seek allies and information to help defend Middle-earth from the foul legions of Sauron.
  • Unlocks over 100 quests in Eastern Gondor, and three instances.
  • Free to VIP
Level Classes Uses Quantity Normal Price (In LP's)
100 All Account 1 795 LOTRO Point