Quest Pack:Central Gondor

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Central Gondor

Central Gondor stretches before you. Orcs and other foul things come from the mountains and the endless raids come from the sea.
The great city of Pelargir now bends to the will of the Haradrim and Corsairs seeking to tear the realm of Men apart.
As the sky darkens to the East, muster your strength and take your sword to those who pillage and burn!

Carry your legend to the people of Ringló Vale, Dor-en-Ernil, Lebennin, and Pelargir.
The tides of war and ruin have spread further into the realms of men.
The port city of Pelargir is sieged by dark forces and if Aragorn wishes to reclaim it, he will need your help.
Level Classes Uses Quantity Normal Price (In LP's)
100 All Account 1 795 LOTRO Point 
  • NOTE: This quest pack does NOT include the Beorning Class unlock.
See: LOTRO Store Beorning and Character Slot Bundle
and LOTRO Store Beorning