Quest:Task: Ornate Sword Sheaths (East Rohan)

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Task: Ornate Sword Sheaths (East Rohan)
Level 80
Type solo
Repeatable yes
Starts with Tasks Bulletin Board
Start Region East Rohan
Quest Group East Rohan Task
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Wanted: Ornate Sword Sheaths from the Eastern Rohan region. Collect them to earn a reward suitable for a collector in Rohan.


Someone has posted a task to collect Ornate Sword Sheaths. These can be turned in for a reward.

Objective 1

You have accepted a task to acquire Ornate Sword Sheaths.

Collected Ornate Sword Sheaths (10/10)
Tasks Bulletin Board: You have turned in the Ornate Sword Sheaths for a modest reward suitable for a collector such as yourself.