Quest:Desolation by Aughaire

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Desolation by Aughaire
Level 44
Type Solo
Starts with Torcall
Ends with Torcall
Ends at Aughaire
End Region Angmar
Map Ref [0.1N, 39.2W]
Quest Group Hunter
Class Hunter
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You are a hunter of great ability, <name>, but unless you learn your way around the desolate crags of Angmar, you may still come to a sad end there.

'You should seek out Torcall, for he is a worthy hunter and could tell you much of the secret paths through Angmar.

'Look for Torcall at Aughaire in West Angmar, but be warned: you will need to prove that you are worthy of his teachings or he will tell you nothing.'


You have been encouraged to learn the ways of the desolate crags of West Angmar, so you may better find the way to Aughaire when needed.

Objective 1

Torcall is at Aughaire, West Angmar.

You have been told to speak with Torcall, one of the Hillmen at Aughaire, about secret paths through the desolation of Angmar.

Torcall: 'You call yourself a hunter? We will see, <name>. We will see.
'If you are a true hunter, you will be able to follow the trail I took when I last hunted the Orcs of Angmar. I left by the north road from Aughaire. If you can follow my trail, you will find the skull of one of the Orcs I slew.
'Return to me with this Orc-skull, and I will show you what I know of the secret ways through Angmar. You will be able to come to Aughaire with speed far-exceeding that of lesser hunters.'

Objective 2

Torcall has hidden an Orc-skull somewhere within West Angmar.

You have been challenged to recover an Orc-skull that Torcall says is hidden somewhere in West Angmar. He left by the road north of Aughaire and slew an Orc at some point along his journey; if you follow his trail, you may be able to find it.

The trail here runs north-east among the loose stones.
You have found Torcall's trail, but here it becomes confused and muddled among the stones. You cannot tell in which direction he left this place.
Your keen eye detects that the trail here bends to the north.
Judging from the signs, the trail here turns to the east.
A number of tracks can be seen among the loose stones here, but it is impossible to tell what might have made them or how long ago. It does not seem likely that Torcall came this way.
A battered Orc-skull lies among the stones. It is coated with a thin layer of ash and dust.

Objective 3

  • Bring the Orc-skull to Torcall

Torcall is at Aughaire, West Angmar.

You have recovered the Orc-skull Torcall asked you to find and should now return it to him as proof of your skill as a hunter.

Torcall: 'This is the skull of which I spoke, <name>. You are a skilled hunter, and I will teach you what I know of the secret paths through these lands.
'You will be able to lead your allies to Aughaire with great speed, if you pay attention to the signs and to what I have told you.'